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WICED Smart User's Guide

Posted by kwang Aug 3, 2015
Table of Contents:
Product SelectionProduct EvaluationWICED SenseProduct DevelopmentManufacturing / Production
Product Selection
Here you will find a series of links/resources that will assist in the selection of a WICED Smart BLE product:
Data sheets:
Product Evaluation
Here you will find a series of links/resources that will assist during the purchase/use of a WICED Smart BLE development system:
To purchase one of our kits, please visit our partners page: Purchase a WICED Bluetooth Dev Kit
Downloading and Installing the SDK
For SDK downloads, please visit WICED Smart Documents & Downloads
If you are using one of Broadcom's TAG boards the Quick Start guide is extremely helpful in getting to know the TAG board and using the SDK.
Quick Start Guides:
SDK 2.x and TAG3 - The specified item was not found.
Hardware Guides:
Common Errors While Installing
If you are having problems with your installer, check that the download size of the installer is roughly 260MB, installer problems are typically caused by incomplete downloads.
The picture below shows a very common error message.  Our SDK utilizes a 32-bit version of an Eclipse based IDE which requires a 32-bit version of JRE to be installed.  If you already have the 64-bit JRE installed, you will also need to install the 32-bit version as well. The JRE is designed to allow both 32 and 64 bit variants to be installed on the system.
The WICED Sense kit uses a Silicon Labs USB to Serial Device.  The TAG3 board uses an FTDI USB to Serial Device. Both should be installed as part of the SDK 2.2.1 installation process. If not, the FTDI drivers for the TAG3 reinstall them using the file /WICED-Smart-SDK/Drivers/dpinst.exe (make sure you access from the command line).  The Silicon Labs USB Drivers can be found WICED Sense Table of Contents
Everything we have for the WICED Sense, such as schematics, drivers, and Android application source code, can be accessed through the WICED Sense Table of Contents. A great post for the WICED Sense is the WICED SENSE Kit BLOG which is like a WICED Sense quick start guide.
Some Android devices appear to have issues pairing to the WICED Sense Tag from inside the app, linked is a work-around that should allow you to connect to your Android device: WICED Sense Android Pairing Work-Around
Product Development
The most basic starting points to begin writing code are hello_client/sensor and mybeacon.  AS does a great overview of hello_sensor in his interview: WICED Smart Video BLOG: Experts Interview - Sleep Deep_Sleep and Advertising
Below are links to commonly visited posts that may help in your development process.
GATT Database:








Command Line Tools:

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