This BLOG is a short introduction for configuring the TAG3 board for use with the Serial FLASH.

This information is taken from our TAG3 document Manual :  The specified item was not found. and our Quick Start Guide The specified item was not found.

1.  The TAG3 board contains a Serial FLASH device and can be configured with a few resistor modifications and additions:

See the TAG3 Board below:




2.  TAG3 Board Assembly displaying the resistor installation/modifications for the on board Serial FLASH:


3.  The table below defines the resistors to configure the Serial FLASH:


4.  You will need to place the SW4 switches 5,6,7,8 in the OFF position (They are actually show in the ON Position in this photo):



5.  In the SDK you will need to modify your Make Target to include NV=SFLASH:


Note: In this case we have used COM Port 21 as observed in our Windows Device Manager:




5.  Using the Recovery Procedure from the The specified item was not found. document, your recovering console message should look like the following:




A few extra notes about Serial FLASH:



You will need to use the same Macronix Serial Flash that is supported by the ROM and ships on the TAG3 board.  Please see the schematic snippet below:


The Macronix MX25U4033 device works as well if you needed a second option.


Please see the notes below:


MX25U4033:…  (good for new designs)


MX25U4035:…  (not recommended for new designs)


Regarding the two different Flash PNs, here’s a document from the Macronix website that compares the two: