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WICED Smart J-Link Debugger


The WICED Smart J-Link Debugger is a Software debugger combined with Segger J-Link Debug Probe.


  1. The J-Link Debug Probe is shown below and the link is located here: SEGGER - The Embedded Experts



Figure 1: J-Link Segger Debugger


2.  Schematic of cable adapter to the J-Link 20 Pin connector:



Figure 2: J-Link Segger Debugger Interface Connector


3.  Shown below is the connection to the BCM20737TAG_Q2 Board:




Figure 3: J-Link Connection to BCM20737TAG_Q2 Board





4.  The Smart Designer J-Link setup procedure:


  1. Start SDK

  2. Connect USB to Top Port PC
  3. BCM20737TAG_Q2 Board Switch configuration for programming:


Figure 4: Boot ROM, Reset and Switch Buttons




    1. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide:

  1. Configuration for Push Button Switches
    1. BOOT ROM Push Button
    2. RESET Button
  2. Push Button Sequence:
    1. Press and Hold BOOT ROM Button
    2. Press and Hold RESET Button
    3. Release RESET Button
    4. Release BOOT ROM Button
  3. SDK Commands
    1. Run Clean
    2. Run PWM-Tones App
  4. Run Debugger:
    1. Remove USB and Insert Battery
    2. Return Switches to opposite program
    3. Connect J-Link USB Connector to PC
    4. Connect J-Link to Board - See Figure 3 above.
    5. Push Reset
    6. Run GDB Server
    7. Click OK – Observer 2 Green Lights
    8. Click Bug Icon in SDK (Top Middle Section)
    9. Click “I” Icon (Under Navigate Menu) – Instruction Mode

   Click “I” once then press F5 3 times.

Note: R3 (the 10K pulldown on RXd) must be removed for the debugger to work.

Please let us know if you have any issues.