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1.0iBeacon Reference Design06/26/14

Hello Community Members,


Welcome to the WICED Smart Reference Design Series.


iBeacon Reference Design


Design Files are located here: WICED Smart Documents & Downloads


The Broadcom iBeacon reference design is based on the WICED SMART BCM20737 Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver.


The iBeacon hardware provides the following features:

  • 4 Connection pads (UP_TX, UP_RX, VDDIO and GND) to enable programming of the device
  • SW1: An on/off slide switch
  • SW2: Push button to disable all radio function
  • SW3: A push button for EEPROM firmware recovery
    • The procedure to recover the EEPROM is as follows:
      • Power off the device
      • Hold down SW3
      • Power on the device
      • Release SW3
      • Proceed to program the new firmware into the device





More Reference Designs coming next month!