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1.0Initial Video - No Audio - 6 minutes06/23/14
1.1Added Audio06/24/14

Added detailed Smart Designer video - Uses Microbrewery and Beer Drone as Services and Characteristics explanation


Hello Community Members,


Welcome to the WICED Smart Video BLOG Series


This Video BLOG should be used as a "guide" for walking through the Smart Designer Tool in SDK 2.1.


This video will illustrate a great feature to use for configuring the GATT for Bluetooth SIG approved profiles + Vendor Specific Profiles.


This Smart Designer Walk-Thru uses a Sensor Device with the following sensors needed to be configured with Vendor Specific Characteristics:

  1. Temperature
  2. Barometric Pressure
  3. Humidity
  4. Gyro
  5. Magnetometer - eCompass


We have made it fun by showing a Microbrewery Sensor Configuration and a Beer Drone example - Hope you enjoy it!


It is a big file and 30 minutes, so view it when you have some time.


New Video starts here: