Hello Community Members,


This BLOG should be used as a "guide" for creating the PCB Layout for the BCM20732S Module.


The first attachments are:

  1. BCM20732S_GERBER.zip - The gerbers of a sample layout.
  2. BCM20732S_Allegro_CircuitBoard_Files.brd - Allegro circuit board file
  3. BCM20732S_AltiumFootprint.PcbLib - Altium Foot Print
  4. Sample_BCM20732S_Schematic.pdf - Schematic file.
  5. BCM20732_SB-BLE-S03_PEVB_BRCM_V10_20130813_Allegro.dsn - Allegro Design File



  • You can view this PCB file by downloading a FREE Allegro PCB viewer from the following link:
  • http://www.cadence.com/products/pcb/Pages/downloads.aspx

    You will probably have to register on Allegro website before you can download the viewer.
  • Ensure you download this version:  "Reads designs for versions 15.x to 16.6. Requires a Windows OS"


I will include a description after this post to discuss the details and answer any questions.