The following blog post discusses on the procedure of enabling Debug flag in FMAC driver.




1. If you are building against the running kernel , then enable the following flags in the .config file while preparing the brcmfmac module.







else if you are building with the kernel source, then modify the .config of the kernel source with the following





2. Compile the brcmfmac driver source  for the kernel for which it is being used.


#apply the required patch from the latest release.

#patch -p1<diff_fix_linux-v4.12_kernel_for_brcmfmac_build.patch

$make -C <path_to_kernel_src> M=<fmac_source_dir>

To build against the running kernel use:

$ make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=$PWD


3. Enable brcmfmac debug log


$echo 8 > /proc/sys/kernel/printk


4. Insert the driver module with the required message level as module parameter.

list out the parameters accepted by the brcmfmac driver that is inserted in the kernel.


$ls /sys/module/brcmfmac/parameters/

$insmod brcmfmac.ko debug=${BRCMF_Message_Level}


Following are a list of Message levels defined in the debug.h(/v4.14.52-backports/drivers/net/wireless/broadcom/brcm80211/brcmfmac/debug.h)


#define BRCMF_TRACE_VAL 0x00000002

#define BRCMF_INFO_VAL 0x00000004

#define BRCMF_DATA_VAL 0x00000008

#define BRCMF_CTL_VAL 0x00000010

#define BRCMF_TIMER_VAL 0x00000020

#define BRCMF_HDRS_VAL 0x00000040

#define BRCMF_BYTES_VAL 0x00000080

#define BRCMF_INTR_VAL 0x00000100

#define BRCMF_GLOM_VAL 0x00000200

#define BRCMF_EVENT_VAL 0x00000400

#define BRCMF_BTA_VAL 0x00000800

#define BRCMF_FIL_VAL 0x00001000

#define BRCMF_USB_VAL 0x00002000

#define BRCMF_SCAN_VAL 0x00004000

#define BRCMF_CONN_VAL 0x00008000

#define BRCMF_BCDC_VAL 0x00010000

#define BRCMF_SDIO_VAL 0x00020000

#define BRCMF_MSGBUF_VAL 0x00040000

#define BRCMF_PCIE_VAL 0x00080000

#define BRCMF_FWCON_VAL 0x00100000

#define BRCMF_ULP_VAL 0x00200000


eg: To enable wifi fw console log

$ insmod brcmfmac.ko debug=0x00100006 (TRACE, INFO and WIFI_FW_LOG)

eg: To enable Trace

$ insmod brcmfmac.ko debug=0x6 (TRACE and INFO )


For further details on the functions associatied with fmac debug, please look into the source code  @