Nebula Platform on WICED 5.2 SDK - download error


We have discovered that on certain instances of the Nebula Evaluation Platform, the SPI interface to the external serial flash fails during download.


We looked into this issue and discovered that the platform_spi.c within WICED Studio 5.2.0 which services all external host based MCU platforms requires the following fix.


The version of the file within WICED Studio 5.2.0 essentially disables the SPI port before de-asserting the chip-select pin.


Replacing this file with the attached file,platform_spi.c in the following location: WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F4xx/peripherals/platform_spi.c , resolves the issue.


Summary of fixes include:

  • Deassert SPI Slave CS line before SPI port is disabled.
  • Wait for BUSY flag to be 0 before returning from SPI transfer.


ex. make target

make snip.scan-NEB1DX_01 download download_apps run


Note: download_apps is needed for SDK 5.2.0 forward if you would like to download the Wi-Fi firmware and the CLM blob.


If you have segmentation fault error in the Mac/Linux environment, this Help Article will apply: WICED SDK 5.2 Segmentation Fault Error