There are two dongle reference design based on CCG3:

Type-C plug to DisplayPort:

Type-C plug to HDMI/VGA/DVI:

Charge-Through Dongle (equal to Type-C plug to USB3.0/HDMI/Type-C (charge only)) :


If you are going to merge a single Type-C port (Receptacle) into your USB3.0/DisplayPort/HDMI input device. The Type-C plug is not nice to show up on your products. This blog is recommended to take a look.


Below content is schematic explain Type-C receptacle DRP Reference Design (Power source & DisplayPort Sink and USB 2.0 host role <Need wire DP/DM to USB2.0 host.>).

1. Block Diagram:

2. In Details:

a. Part number can suit for this design (Since USB bootloader firmware project is not applied to all of CCG3 device, this design cannot apply to all of devices of CCG3 to save bootloader customize efforts.):

b. PS8742B can be replace with others same function DE MUX (Support DisplayPort Sink at least). CCG3 support I2C/PWM/GPIO control. This design use I2C control (CCG3 is I2C master).


c. DP_Indicator is used for inform DisplayPort/HDMI sink control system that DP ALT Mode is entered and DisplayPort signals is coming.


d. USB2.0 Switch wire to CCG3 internal billboard by default. If attached USB2.0 Device and sink on Type-C receptacle, USB2.0 switch will switch to USB2.0 host in the system.