• Fx3 DFU mode

    Hi, I developed an application to boot from SPI. This app works in all the board we have tested except in one. For some reason this board it is always on DFU mode. Is there a way to fix this I need it to boot from SP...
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  • CY8C5888AXQ-LP096

    On the last delivery of the subject components the "Dot" representing Pin 1 appears on the lower left side instead of the upper left side while the printing text is left to right (see picture).     Who m...
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  • How to write data in a flash memory via SPI using CYUSBS234?

    Hello everyone, I am beginner working with CYUSBS234, I tried testing SPI communication with internal EEPROM and I had successful results, but now I want to use SPI communication to write data in a flash memory (chi...
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  • Where to buy OSM-1000 Wiegand converter board

    Hello there,   I am interested to buy the following board from Cypress:   https://cypressintegration.com/products/osdp/   Would you like to let me know where can I order the board? The shipping wil...
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  • Capacitive Touch IC Solution - Suggestion

    Hi Team,     We are looking for a 7 to 8 channel Capsense button controller IC for our speaker project. Below are our requirements, 1. Support for at least 7 capacitive buttons 2. Support for Power On/...
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  • How to import a component from the community?

    i recently downloaded the WS281xlib component and am trying to add it to a project of mine. i go through the step of importing at shown on the website but i cannot figure out how to be able to atually drag the compone...
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  • Ultra 37000 programmer USBISR driver

    Hello Where can I find drivers for the USBISR programmer?
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  • Hello ..I would like to ask some question regarding my problem about the touch panel, I bought the CYTMA568-56LQI44A and the original # was equipped is CYTMA568-56LQI is there different between the two IC?

    Hopping for reply thank you...
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  • Obsolete item support

    Good day,   Could someone please suggest an alternative for an obsolete IC: CY25811SXI?   Thank you in advance....
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  • Ultra 37000 programmer

    Where i buy Ultra 37000 programmer CYUSBISRPC ?
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  • Can EZ-Clik2.0 works with CY8CKIT-002 PSoC® MiniProg3

    Hello,   Can EZ-Clik2.0 be used with CY8CKIT-002 PSoC® MiniProg3 to configure "CY8CMBR3108" controller registers using I2C interface? Please suggest.   Thanks, Govind.
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  • Ultra 37000 programmer, issues with 208 QFP socket

    I have an Ultra 37000 ISR programmer. I am trying to program cy37512P208-100UMB, but the part does not fit into the socket. The part appears to fit, but does not fit into the QFP socket. Do you (Cypress) have a test s...
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  • MiniProg3のバージョンの違いについて

    MiniProg3のRev.CとRev.Bでは、何が異なりますか?   背景として Rev.Bでは、正常に書き込みが行えましたが、 Rev.Cでは 書き込みは終了しVerify, chechsumもOKだったが、書き込みに時間がかかり基板が破損しました。 私はRev.CとRev.Bの違いを知り 破損の原因が何なのかを調査したいと考えています。(書き込んだデータと基板は同一です。)   上 MiniPr...
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  • 8DR support in CYRF modules

    I am not sure if this is the best place to ask my question, but I couldn't find any other. I was reading this Cypress manual: https://www.cypress.com/file/136666/download and in the section about the data codes it is ...
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  • Request for information on the Solutions you offer

    Good Morning,   My company is creating a new product which will let people select through a small range of options using capacitive sensors. In order to minimize the number of touches, the user would first turn ...
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  • Error on Build when adding a digital output to a schematic

    Hi, My name  is Dan Radut and I started recently a project that is supposed to use a PSoC 4200L. I have designed the schematic below that turns alternatively ON/OFF the output signal Gen_ON_OFFn each time when ...
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  • Issues with CY8C9520A-24

    Hello,   We are using a CY8C9520A-24 on one of our boards and we have several issues with it.   When we try to set the Port0 Bit6 from 0 to 1 the component is rebooting and every GPIO comes back in the def...
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  • problems with I2C CY8CMBRS108

    Hello, I have some problems with the I2C Communication. I try to implement a communication between µC and CapSense IC. The I2C SCL clock frequency is initialized at 100kHz and current the µC waits 2s befo...
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  • Hello, what do you have for DSRC ?  Thanks!

    Hello, what do you have for DSRC ?  Thanks!
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  • CY8C9520A: Trying to read device ID register, receiving 0xFF

    Bringing up a board and testing the connection to this device, which we have configured for slave address 0x20.  It is acking its address but is transmitting a value of 0xFF for the contents of the device ID....
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