• The clock to replace

    Hi  Sir, 能否帮忙推荐一款时钟替换ISL12026IBZ-T, 谢谢
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  • HOTLink II device compatibility

    Are HOTLink II devices upward compatible with HOTLink devices? Is it possible to use a HOTLink II device to the HOTLink protocol?   For example, can CYP15G0101DXB be used to replace CY7B923 / 933?   It is...
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  • CY2308  the meaning of datasheet specifications

    Hello,   I have questions below parameters in CY2308 datasheet.   1) t6 Delay, REF rising edge to FBK rising edge :  max +/-250ps Please tell me the meaning of this regulation. I understand that thi...
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  • CY3679 Arduino

    Can CY3679 clock output be hooked up to Arduino Mega 2560 5v board on xtal 1,2 inputs at 16mhz or 3.3v clock output issue. Also clock input to CY3679 board can handle 10mhz gpsdo input or is limited to 1.2v? Thanks
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  • CY3679 Programming Error - Set I2C Voltage

    Hi All, We purchased a CY3679 clock generator eval board and am trying to output a 100 MHz clock on single ended port 15.  I successfully generated the JEDEC file, but when I try to program it I get the following...
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  • REF pin input signal specification of CY2308 Zero Delay Buffer

    Hello,   Please tell me the specification of Tr/Tf (Rise/Fall) for the input signal to the "REF" pin (1 pin). Although there is a description in the data sheet that the input frequency was 1MHz to 133MHz, I cou...
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  • CY22381 and CY3675-CLKMAKER1 programmer

    Hello, is it possible to extract the JEDEC file from a CY22381 programmed with the CY3675-CLKMAKER1 programmer? Thanks
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  • What is the programmer and the socket necessary to be able to record the CY22381 memory?

    According to the following tables is the CY3675 programmer + CY3675-SOIC8B socket, but the CY3675-SOIC8B does not exist  
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  • About the pin processing of unused pin of CY2308ZXI

    Hello   Q) If CLKA3(14pin)  is not used, please tell me pin proccessing of unused pin(CLKA3) as an "EMI" countrmeasure? Is CLKA3(14pin) open? Or is it necessary to add the capacitor? (Other port condition)...
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  • CY2DL1510  junction temperature: Tj and package thermal resistance: Θjc.

    Hello,   Please tell me about CY2DL1510AZC's  junction temperature: Tj and package thermal resistance: Θjc.   Best Regards, Naoaki Morimoto
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  • CY22150 upgraded versions

    Could somebody please advise functional or drop-in equivalents for Clock generator part CY22150 which is recommended for new design has a long life cycle expectation.
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  • MPN MB15U36, IC,PLL,FREQ SYN,SM,TSSOP20,2GHZMAX,RANGE 2 TO 1.1 GHZ. Hi am after some stock for this part please can direct me or help.

    This is for Commscope service/spare dept.
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  • CY2291 Process Variation and Voltage/Temperature Stability

    I am having a problem in production where the frequency output of the CY2291 is outside previously established tolerances.  I am trying to calculate what the realistic tolerances should be following the discussio...
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  • Is this item still active P/N: CY2XL12ZXI02 ?

    If not, what is the drop in replacement?
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  • ROHS 2 compatible

    Dose CY2308SXC-1 compatible for ROHS2?  
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  • CY2304SXI-2

    As a follow on to this closed discussion: https://community.cypress.com/message/187923   We’ve tried put ferrite beads, but it made the ripples worse, the aurora eye still close. We’ve built a brand ...
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  • What is the alternative product of CY29940AXI?

    Hi,   I am using the chips of Cypress recently. In out prevenient design, we were using the Clock Distribution Buffer chip, which is CY29940AXI.   But today I found that this chip is in the state of NRND, ...
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  • PCIe 4.0 clock & buffer solution

    Have Cypress clock & buffer product roadmap for PCIe 4.0 application? Thanks, Mitchell
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  • Is there a similar part to IDT MPC9855, Clock Generator for PowerQUICC III

    I am looking for something similar to IDT MPC9855 to drive an NXP PowerQUICC III. 
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  • Software for old CY3672 Programmer?

    I need to program CY22150 and CY22393 chips and I have an old CY3672 programmer.  Where can I find a link to the software for this device?  I have CyberClocksRT to create the JEDEC files - I need the softwar...
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