Excelon™, Cypress’ next-generation Ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM), delivers industry’s highest-performance mission-critical non-volatile memory by combining high-speed low-pin-count interfaces, low-power operation, unlimited read/write cycle endurance and instant non-volatility. This makes Excelon the highest-reliability data-logging memory for smart connected factories and the automobiles of tomorrow. Please find additional details here.


The Excelon™ Ultra is a 4-Mbit, 108-MHz Quad SPI F-RAM that supports a rich command set making it compatible with the industry standard Quad SPI peripheral command set. With the industry moving towards low pin count interfaces, a wide variety of micro-controllers have started supporting Quad SPI interface natively. To enable the evaluation of our latest Quad SPI F-RAM in conjunction with industry standard platforms, we will be providing simple driver support for a few of these platforms through Cypress Community. These drivers can be used as-is or with minor modification by embedded systems engineers to get a headstart in adding a high-speed, low-power data-logging memory in the system.



ST Microelectronics supports Quad SPI interface natively on several of their STM32 series micro-controllers. NUCLEO-L433RC-P platform offers a quick and affordable way for prototype applications. We have developed a Morpho connector compatible daughter card (CY15FRAMKIT-002) housed with an Excelon Ultra Quad SPI F-RAM to enable quick evaluation of Cypress' latest F-RAM.


The attached files contain a user guide for the kit, a sample test project in Keil µVision 5, design files for the evaluation kit. The sample project contains revision 1.0 of API library files ( qspiFRAM.c and guiMENU.c) which covers all the important device access features.


The CY15FRAMKIT-002 is designed to work with low speed connectors (Arduino - For SPI and Morpho - For Quad SPI). The Excelon Ultra F-RAM device can operate up to 108-MHz in Quad SPI mode. To evaluate Excelon Ultra at highest performance speed, we recommend Cypress' Excelon -F-RAM Development Kit (details here) which uses Cypress' PSoC6 line of controllers. This kit offers Excelon Ultra device directly mounted on the board to ensure highest quality signal integrity. In order to evaluate our F-RAM with other controller platforms, we suggest customers to design the board with a PCB footprint for the F-RAM. Please feel free to contact us here on this blog or through our Technical support channel for schematics review of your design.



CY15FRAMKIT-002 kit is available in limited quantities. Click here to learn more about this kit.

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  • These APIs are provided as a guideline for STM32 platform interfacing and are in no way an official software release package
  • The CY15FRAMKIT-002 kit is currently tested upto 30 MHz in Quad SPI mode

Please refer to the device collateral for detailed understanding of the Excelon Ultra F-RAM.