• Amber-P2L - S6J329CLS FPD-Link出力差動電圧の設定について

    Hi Team,   Amber-P2LのS6J329CLSに関して、確認させて下さい。 FPD-Linkの出力差動電圧が下記レジスタで設定できますが、「Not supported」の設定(例えば、011 : 250mV) に設定した場合、 信号は何も出ないのでしょうか? それとも250mVの信号が出力されるのでしょうか?   Thanks and regards,   ...
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  • What is different use Graphic HSSPI and MCU HSSPI in S6J328CL?

    S6J328CL has 1-channel 4-bit x2 DDR HSSPI. I want to connect to it external QSPI Serial Flash ROM (S25FL128S or S25FL256S), for reading images to be displayed via graphic subsystem. In datasheet "6.1 Port Description...
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  • The S6J3360 chip supports the transmission and reception of 11-bit standard ID and 29-bit extended ID at the same controller;

    The S6J3360 chip supports the transmission and reception of 11-bit standard ID and 29-bit extended ID at the same controller;
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  • S6J342AF DateSheet

            Where could i find a datesheet  of  S6J342AF?  because  the web is too slow.
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  • In Traveo micro S6J320C, wakeup callback is not called

    In traveo micro, after configuring the wakeup interrupt callback for M-CAN, sleep to wakeup happens, but, no callback gets called. Whereas, the same procedure followed for C-CAN works fine. We use the Tresos17_0_0 and...
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  • programming S6J32EELTM device via JTAG

    Dear Cypress support team,   Our company works in the ISP field and we are able to develop the programming algorithm for many devices, also from Cypress/Spansion manufacturer. For example, we developed the dri...
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  • S6J334EJEC implementation

    Dear sir or madam,   I study at Czech technical university in Prague. At the moment we are working on a project for Škoda auto. We are using MCU S6J334EJEC and I'm preparing schematic diagram. My supervis...
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  • For Auto-MCU with PCM input.

    Do you have auto-MCU with PMC input. We need UART 2ch and M0  class performance for other spec.   Thank you.
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  • Who knows which RTOS the S6J3400 supports?

    hi: Who knows which RTOS the S6J3400 supports? thanks!
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  • 关于S6J342A can通信 fifo的使用

    关于S6J342A 典型can通信,官方给的历程用的是接收专用buf,有用接收FIFO的例程吗?另现在对于接收部分专用buf和接收FIFO原理上有何区别,从寄存器来说发现只有水印个数也就是设置的fifo的深度吧,还有个是fifo满的标志。举个例子比如当前节点先后收到5个报文,此时mcu在别的中断中执行程序,如果用fifo的话是不是会自动接收在fifo里面,然后等待mcu退出别的中断分别进入5次can接收中断,接收完毕数据?此刻发现...
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  • S6J3001 in circuit

    Hi ! Can some body recommend programmer to work with S6J3001 in circuit ?
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    Hi,   in S6J32XX Series Hardware Manual Platform Part it says in chapter 30 (CAN FD Controller) that the MCU supports CAN 2.0 according to ISO11898-1 as well as CAN FD to CAN FD specification V1.0. It doesn't s...
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  • A document detailing the S6J3400 register can be found there?

    For the register mentioned in the hardware manual of S6J3400, I don't know how to configure the data bit of the register.
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  • Mcu S6J3001LSJ

    Hi every one .I am Ashfaq. I want to ask if anyone here knows any suitable programmers for this certain mcu S6J3001LSJ. I want to be able to perform read and write functions on this mcu. I tried searching for this top...
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  • S6J3300的flash问题

    1.当程序在AXI_FLASH 4MB运行的时候,是不是不能进行此块擦和写入? 有关于此芯片网络BootLoader的demo或者什么flash操作的建议么? 2.在擦除WORK_FLASH (0E00_0000)的时候, Sector=GetSector(0x0E001100U); FLASH_If_Erase_Sector(Sector); 只能擦除FLASH_If_Erase_Sector(0);的部分,FLASH...
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  • R403_Traveo_V2.14.00_SRC_20171215: Clock Frequency not as Calculated

    Hello Community, there is an issue with the MCAL package R403_Traveo_V2.14.00_SRC_20171215 running on Traveo S6J342AFT with a Vector ASR4 stack: Oscillator runs on 16MHz ClockDomain0 selected as MCU_SOURCE_CLOCK_MA...
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  • S6J329C reading wrong data from memory after chiperase

    Dear Cypress support team,   Our company works in the ISP field and we build our own programmers and related drivers for programming devices. I am working with a TRAVEO S6J329C and I am facing some problems. I ha...
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  • What's the different between ES grade and GS grade in Traveo MCU

    Dear Sir, Please help check "What's the different between ES grade and GS grade in Traveo MCU"? Thanks.  
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  • S6J334EJE JUNO - Unused pins recommended configuration

    We are developing a product, where the sleep current is critical. How can we minimize the leakage current for the unused pins of the controller?   (As far as I know, a CMOS input can consume some uA, when float...
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  • Flash library for S6J3360 Traveo microcontroller

    Hello, I have to work with the S6J3360 Traveo microcontroller. My work is to develop a Bootloader. So my question is if a Flash library exist for this µC? The idea is to save lot of time and also avoid usele...
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