• Memory/Register access not possible in certain Range

    Hello, trying to access (e.g. TCPWM registers) via debug probes (SWD AP1) failes with response error on CYT4BB. Further it's not possible to access successfully from embedded code (CM0+). It seems that the Range 0x403...
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  • CANFDx_CHx_ECR.REC & TEC - reset

    For Address 0x40520040 Register TRM says ECR. REC and TEC are read only for software. I want to understand how do ECR.REC
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  • Using TDM functionality I'm not able to play audio. However if from cypress chip data is send to the TX port then audio plays. Can you let me know whats wrong or share same TDM code to play a audio file.

    Using TDM functionality I'm not able to play audio. However if from cypress chip data is send to the TX port then audio plays. Can you let me know whats wrong or share same TDM code to play a audio file.
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  • About EVITA Feature Set of Traveo II

    Dears.   I understood that if HW cryptographic architecture especially hardware acceleration in MCU can support symetric and asymetric plus hashing , we can say that is EVITA full. Accroding to this fact, Trav...
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  • uart dma rx

    I use CYT4B uart,i want set rx dma mode,but i can't find how to use dma circual mode and i can't find api to get dma fifo current pointer,so i can't get the dma transfer process. how to solve it?
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  • Code flash ECC fault injection for cyt2b9-series

    Hello,Area need to understand: Setting flash address and parity bit   I have tried to set Code flash ECC using fault injection concept. I referred Family architecture TRM and Register TRM.The information is not ...
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  • Can I get the demo project for TRAVEO 2 STARTER KIT ?

    The day before yesterday, I have got Traveo 2 Entry Family Starter Kit (CYTVII-B-E-1M-SK). I have confirmed that the pre-installed LED blinking firmware worked well. Can I find this project (xxx.eww) from Cypress Ho...
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  • CyGfx_DispCommit() does not get return from Gfx_DispCardDevGetQueueHandle() to exit

    The demo executable I have created seems to be running okay, but every now and then it gets stuck in a forever loop. It ran about 3 hours this morning before exhibiting the problem. It took as little as 15 minutes one...
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  • About chip selection of Traveo II

    Hi Sir,   目前在选择Auto MCU,参数需求具体如下,我对比了datasheet,CYT2B64BAS这个型号是否满足?或者是否有更合适的料号,请帮忙推荐下,谢谢。   PIN脚数量 ≥80PIN 位数 32bit/16bit Core Frequency ≥32MHZ Flash ≥256KB RAM ≥24KB Data Fla...
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  • TVII-BE-1M: OTP management

    Hello,   There is only one paragraph in the documentation concerning OTP. Where can I retrieve more information, sample code and recommandations ?   Thanks
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  • Is Traveo II family can be built with Softune workbench? Any guide can be provided?

    Hi, I am working on BCM platform update issue. Traveo II family based on ARM Cortex, but I only can find the workbench setup based IAR Systems. Is it can be built with Softune workbench? Any guide can be provided? ...
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  • CYT2B9 Traveo II flash library

    Hello, I need to know if there is an Flash library available or the CYT2B9 Traveo II µC?   BR
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  • How to program CYT2B5/B7 CPU

    Hello,   im using the 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F Microcontroller Traveo 2 Family and the code for the CPU is CYT2B5/B7. I want to program this CPU using Psoc Programmer but i dont know what is the code i have to choo...
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  • UART RX interrupt cannot be triggered

    Hello Everybody,   with one of a Traveo™ II family of microcontroller, I try to use UART protocol to receive data from external input, I checked that signal is for sure there with oscilloscope, but the int...
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  • Where can I find documentation for Traveo II

    I can't seem to find any reference manuals for the chip nor starter guides for the starter kit.  Not to mention software examples.  Is this intentional?
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  • Traveo Ⅱ status

    We'd like to know about Traveo Ⅱ. Are there any products line up for Motor Control ECU (not Body)? Is there a Roadmap with timeline ,each specs? Regards,
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  • CYT2B73BA datasheet

    hello, where can i downlaod data sheet of CYT2B73BA?
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  • Unaligned Usage Fault on "strh r5,[r0,#0x1]" instruction when MPU is enabled

    MicroController: Cypress TV-II-B-H-8M-176-CPU Compiler: GHS 2017.1.4 Debugger: Lauterbach Trace32   Instruction causing issue: strh r5,[r0,#0x1] (This Compiler generating Instruction is accessing a 64 bit var...
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  • How to connect miniprog4 to Cypress Programmer?

    Hello,   I'm trying to flash my CYT2B5/B7 microcontroller using miniprog4 and Cypress Programmer software. When i tried to connect miniprog4 to this software ( Cypress Programmer )  i receive the error bel...
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  • Flashing Issue CYT2B75CAE

    While flashing .hex file using SEGGER JFlash, I am getting an error. Below is the error description-   I am getting "Timeout while erasing sectors, RAMCode did not respond in time", while erasing or flashing and...
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