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There are a lot of peripherals present in the PSoC 6 device. Quite often, in a system we will need to trigger an action in a peripheral based on an event in another peripheral. An example would be something like the ADC’s End of Conversion (EoC) triggering a DMA channel to transfer data from the ADC result register to a memory buffer. In this case you would route the ADC’s EoC line to the DMA’s trigger input (tr_in) line. What is the resource used to accomplish this routing?

PSoC 6 has a dedicated hardware block called the trigger multiplexer block. The trigger multiplexer block is simply a large group of multiplexers that lets you route trigger signals from any source peripheral to a destination peripheral. The trigger multiplexer block covers all potential trigger sources on its input side and lets user route them to destination peripherals. The trigger multiplexer block is a dedicated hardware and does not consume any of the programmable digital resources like the Universal Digital Block (UDB). The trigger multiplexer block also has a way for the user to generate a software trigger on a trigger route.


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