Thought I'd introduce the PSoC 6 Character LCD (CharLCD) feature.

PSoC 6 supports a Character LCD (CharLCD) which follows the Hitachi 44780 4-bit interface. The enhanced features of PSoC 6 have no limitation of pin assignment other than a group of seven sequential pins, and it supports the multiple "E" signals for the multiple CharLCDs, as shown in the figure below. The key difference of driver is that the PSoC 6 CharLCD is a part of Cypress' Peripheral Driver Library(PDL), so it can be used with other IDEs.




Some of the key features are the following:

  • Implements the industry-standard Hitachi HD44780 LCD display driver chip protocol
  • Support multiple "E" signals (Support multiple CharLCDs)
  • Requires seven I/O pins for one CharLCD and eight I/O pins for two CharLCDs
  • Displays text data using predefined character in CGROM
  • Displays eight custom characters
  • Displays horizontal or vertical bar graphs


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