Hello! Here's some information on the multi-counter watchdog (MCWDT) resource in the PSoC 6 architecture.


PSoC 6 actually has multiple watchdogs - a single basic watchdog timer (WDT) and one or more multi-counter watchdogs (MCWDT). Each MCWDT has three counters, two of which can generate a watchdog reset. However, if you use the WDT for the basic watchdog function, then all of the MCWDT counters are available for general counter/timer functions such as measuring time between events and generating periodic interrupts.



Note that the counters can be cascaded, allowing you to create combinations of 16-, 32-, 48-, and 64-bit counters.

All watchdog timers - WDT and MCWDT - are clocked by the 32.768-kHz ClkLf.


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