Thought I'd give an update on the Continuous Time Block mini (CTBm) resource in the PSoC 6 architecture.

The Continuous Time Block mini (CTBm) provides the core flexibility of the analog sub-system in PSoC 6. The CTBm interconnects with the analog sub-system supporting input and output connections to GPIO pins, CTDAC voltage source, and SAR ADC inputs. In the initial PSoC 6 release, the PSoC 63 Connectivity line, two configurable OpAmps with programmable routing are included that provide the following features:

  • Two OpAmps with programmable power, bandwidth, and output drive strength to optimize power and performance for your design. Can be optionally enabled in DeepSleep low power mode.
  • OpAmps can be used individually or together to make higher level functions like a differential amplifier.
  • Each OpAmp can be configured as a comparator with optional 10 mV hysteresis and generate interrupts on both rising and falling edges.
  • OpAmps can be configured as unity gain buffers using internal routing or as gain amplifiers with user supplied external gain resistors.


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