Here's an update on PSoC 6's Graphic LCD Controller and Interface (LCDCtrl & LCDIntf).


PSoC 6 provides similar functionality of PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP graphical interfaces, but a key difference is that the PSoC 6 graphical interfaces will eventually be a part of Cypress' Peripheral Driver Library (PDL), so you will be free to use them in other IDEs.


GraphicLCDCtrl (Graphic LCD controller)

The GraphicLCDCtrl provides a parallel graphical interface which is called RGB display(LCD) Interface. This interface is for a display that doesn't have a display timing generator, so PSoC 6 GraphicLCDCtrl generates all the required display timing signals.


The GraphicLCDCtrl has the following features:

  • Fully programmable screen size
  • Generates timing signals without CPU intervention
  • Supports up to a 23-bit address and a 16-bit data async SRAM device for an external frame buffer
  • Supports i8080 type interface
  • Generates a selectable interrupt pulse at the start and end of Sync signals(Vsync, Hsync or both)
  • Interfaces with SEGGER emWin graphics library


GraphicLCDIntf (Graphic LCD Interface)

The GraphicLCDIntf provides a parallel graphical interface which is frequently called MCU Display Interface or CPU display Interface. This interface is for the display module which has a display timing generator and GRAM, so PSoC 6 provides the control commands and the display data using a MCU interface. (default Intel 8080)


The GraphicLCDIntf has the following features:

  • 8- or 16-bit interface to Graphic LCD Controller
  • Performs read and write transactions
  • Configurable read pulse width
  • Default i8080 interface and adaptable to M6800 interface by adding logic gates
  • Interfaces with SEGGER emWin graphics library


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