Thought I've give an introduction to PSoC 6's Digital to Analog Converter.

As a key component of the programmable analog system the PSoC 6 includes a 12-bit Continuous Time Digital to Analog Converter (CTDAC) providing a precision voltage output. The CTDAC can be used in applications that require voltage references, bias, or waveform output. When optionally coupled with the CTBm block the CTDAC provides even greater flexibility. Some of the key features are:

  • Up to 500 kHz output settling and update rate that can be synchronized with a hardware trigger
  • Output voltage data may be provided by firmware or DMA with either immediate update or buffered synchronization. DMA based data provides an efficient method to generate arbitrary waveforms.
  • CTDAC output remains active in Deep Sleep power mode allowing external circuitry to remain biased or internal comparators to retain reference thresholds.
  • Output voltage is relative to the configured CTDAC reference voltage. Reference voltage sources include VDDA, internal chip references, or external references routed to a pin.
  • CTBm OpAmps may optionally be used to buffer the CTDAC output to drive low impedance external loads or to buffer a high impedance external reference voltage.


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