Thought I'd give an introduction on SysClk in PSoC 6 MCUs. PSoC 6 has an Frequency Locked Loop (FLL) and a Phase Locked Loop (PLL). Both can be used to create High Frequency system clock. For example you can use the FLL to create a clock to run the CM4 and CM0+ cores, while the PLL can be used to clock the audio subsystem. The FLL can achieve an output frequency of up to 100 MHz, while the PLL can reach the device maximum of 150 MHz. The input of the PLL and FLL can be the on board 8 MHz IMO, and external crystal oscillator (ECO), among several other sources.


The PSoC 6 device also contains several programmable clock dividers that can be used to clock peripherals such as Serial Communication Blocks (SCBs), Timer/Counter/.PWMs (TCPWMs), and Universal Digital Blocks (UDBs). There are 8 x 8-bit dividers, 16 x 16-bit dividers, 4 x 16-bit fractional dividers with 5 fractional bits, and 1 x 24-bit divider with 5 fractional bits.


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