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PSoC 6 device family provides the functional safety to protect a system crash, like the LVD(low voltage detection), the BOD(brown-out Detection), the watchdog, etc. The LVD block can protect the system from a serious power loss as one of the safety function.


The key features are:

  • Monitoring the main power supply voltage(VDDD)

The LVD monitors VDDD and it simply generates an interrupt.


  • Interrupt generation

The LVD generates an interrupt to cause the system to take preventive measures/do some housekeeping before energy runs out.


  • User programmable trip voltage

The trip point of LVD is programmable.


  • Automatic disabling in the deep sleep and hibernate mode

The LVD is disabled when entering the ultra-low power modes to prevent false interrupts during wakeup.


  • No force system reset

The LVD does not reset system, unlike the function of the BOD circuits, but firmware may initiate a system reset if desired.


  • Interrupt edge selection

The LVD can monitor not only falling edge but also rising edge. The rising edge can utilize to check the VDDD settling when system boots up.


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