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This is an update on PSoC 6 interrupts and its features/capabilities. Feel free to read through and leave a comment!


  • PSoC 6 BLE has 139 device interrupt sources from various peripherals such as TCPWM, GPIO, IPC, UDB, SCB, RTC, MCWDT, DMA and many more. These can be connected to either of the two cores - the CM4 which has 240 NVIC lines or the CM0+ which has 32 NVIC lines. Since CM0+ has lesser number of NVIC interrupt lines than the device interrupt sources, a 240:1 multiplexer structure is present on each of the 32 lines to select one of the 139 device interrupt sources.
  • There are 33 interrupt sources that are capable of waking up the core from deepsleep mode. CM4  NVIC lines 0 to 32 and CM0+ NVIC lines 0 to 7 support these deepsleep capable device interrupt sources. 
  • CM4 supports configurable priority from 0 to 7 and CM0+ supports configurable priority from 1 to 3. Priority 0 in CM0+ is reserved for system calls. CM0+ has 32 NVIC lines out of which 4 interrupts are reserved for IPC system calls, IPC Crypto, and IPC pipe interrupts.


Happy reading!