• OTA using Internal flash

    We are working on enabling OTA upgrades for WM-BN-BM-22  hardware platform using WICED stack 4.1 . The board contains Internal flash of 1MB and doesn't have any External flash. Is it possible to do OTA upgrade ...
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  • List of Applications supported in WICED Studio 5.0 (or later) for CYW943907AEVAL1F EVK

    The following table lists all applications that are supported within WICED Studio 5.0(or later) on the CYW943907AEVAL1F EVK .   Please refer to the CYW943907AEVAL1F EVK User Guide when compiling, downloading and...
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  • Platform files for WM-AN-BM-23 with WICED 4.1.0 Studio IDE

    I have get a board WM-AN-BM-23. And I don't know how to get the platform file with WICED 4.10. Can anyone help me with it ?
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  • Platform patch for BM_22 and drivers for WICED_EVALBOARD

    Hi All,   I have installed Wiced Studio 4.1.043-IDE-Installer.exe and I have  WM-N-BM-22_EVB_V11 board.In the supporting document it is mentioned that platform patch for BM_22 needs to be requested and driv...
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  • SPI Slave for BCM43907

    Hi,   I'm working with WICED 3.7.0, on the USI WM-AN-BM33 based on BCM43907.   I wanted to use SPI as slave, but I saw that SPI slave was not compatible. Do you confirm that ? Will it be implemented ? Is ...
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  • bluetooth low_energy driver issue (USI WM-BAN-BM-33 and SDK 3.7.0-3)

    Hi,   I updated to SDK 3.7.0-3 and when using the wifi_introducer demo, i can't make it fully working, especially after the pairing.   Here's the debug :   Joining : YOUR_AP_SSID Failed to join : YOUR...
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  • Adaptivity Threshold

    In bcm43455 FW, I would like to adjust threshold of Adaptivity active, transmission stop by this level.   Current parameter is below eu_edthresh2g=-65 eu_edthresh5g=-65 This information is descrived in nvram_ap62...
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  • How to disable Adaptivity function in bcm43455?

    In bcm43455 FW, I would like to disable Adaptivity function. Because Adaptivity function is required for EN300-328 in EU, but not requried for US. So, for US model I would like to disable adaptivity function in bcm434...
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  • OTA2 example not running

    Hi,   I'm working with the WM-BAN-BM-33 from USI and i'm trying to make OTA2 working. When trying to make "snip.ota2_example-ThreadX-NetX-BCMUSI33 download run", i end up having this result :   Creating ...
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  • Standby mode with STM32F411 + BCM43362 WICED module

    Dear,   I am using USI BM-30 module and would like to use standby mode.   I found some code in the SDK 3.5.2 but it keeps reset without any input.   void application_start( ) {     wice...
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  • WM-BAN-BM-07_S driver for i.mx6 Yocto linux 4.1.15

    Currently we are trying to port the wifi driver of WM-BAN-BM-07_S on the platform of i.mx6 Yocto linux kernel 4.1.15 . But I can not find a suitable driver that could be compiled no error. Could someone tell me where ...
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  • Platform for make with BCM43907

    Hi,   I'm currently starting to work with a BCM43907 (WM-AN-BM-23 from USI) and i wanted to build some of the example for this platform but i can't make it work. What platform should i use ? Using any of BCM943...
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  • I2C Infrared Contactless Temperature Sensor Interface

    This snippet application interfaces the Infrared contact-less temperature sensor (TMP007) module from Adafruit (https://www.adafruit.com/products/2023) using WICED SDK.   - The snippet application sets up the I2C...
    created by MichaelF_56
  • BCM9WCDUSI09 on 3.5.2

    I downloaded the platform files from BCM9WCDUSI09 Platform Files for SDK-3.x   Then when I try to compile, I get the following error :   WICED/WWD/WWD.mk:107: *** ERROR: WLAN_CHIP_FAMILY must be defined in...
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  • Get error when called wiced_apps_get_physical_address

    My environment is as below and wifi binary is in the file system.   - SDK : 3.5.2 - application : test.console or snip.scan - WLAN_CHIP            := 4336...
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  • WM-BAN-BM-13 nvram file

    hi, Does anyone know where I can find the nvram file for WM-BAN-BM-13.   Thanks.
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  • Get properties of characteristic

    Hi all,   I use SSB-WM-N01 and BM-GP-BR-65 to develop a smartbridge scenario.   I confront a problem that I want to get the characteristic properties (read, write or notify and so on), and I refer the sam...
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  • How to access the WM-N-BM-14 GPIOs

    Hi,   Currently I'm working on the Eval board, BCM943362WCD4, and the results looks quite promising. Once I move to the WM-N-BM-14 board (USI/Particle), which platform should I target the compiler ? (i.e. in o...
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  • brcm4334 nvram file

    Hi :      I am trying to porting WM-BAN-BM-07 chip wifi and bluetooth driver on i.mx6 yocto project kernel 3.10.17, but I can't find the nvram file. Could somebody tell me how to get the file? Tha...
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  • BCM 3510

    Is this chip preconfigured if not is there someone who can configure this for us   chintang paul_usi bsliaw slc0508 patricktsai jone syiau1221
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