WiFi related


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1) Use this if you are looking to get started with bcmdhd without having compile kernel and/or driver.

Quick Start with iMX6 Ultralite EVK and Mass Market Modules


2) This one provides info on where to get the bcmdhd source , compile and run

OpenSource release of bcmdhd 141.88


3) Info on DTS files for iMX.

Re: imx6ul-EVK Device Tree


4) Instructions on trying out WPAsupplicant with bcmdhd.

WPA Supplicant with bcmdhd


5) Yocto recipes

Creating Yocto recipes and licensing discussion for bcmdhd


6) Porting to Xilinx Zynq

Re: Zilinx Zynq Issues


BSA related


1) This shows how to get started with BSA on iMX. You may not have access to this if you are not a partner with Cypress.

BSA on iMX Ultralite EVK


2) Info on BSA stack source


BSA stack source code


3) BSA Sample Client

BSA Sample Client Applications for i.MX6