LSR has just released source code for a new cloud-connected demo for its Sterling-LWB for WICED reference platform! With this release, customers can test out how to connect the Sterling-LWB for WICED to a TiWiConnect cloud server. Section five of the user guide, Sterling-LWB Cloud Sensor Demo Featuring TiWiConnect, has been updated with the latest demo. This section demonstrates the use case of a cloud-connected sensor.


LSR, now a Laird business, developed a sample project that can be used with the Sterling-LWB for WICED expansion carrier board for real-time reporting of accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer sensor data from an attached STM32F411 Discovery Board to a web and mobile application. The sample code for use with WICED Studio can be downloaded from the Sterling-LWB “Software Downloads” tab (930-0079) of the LSR website. The project source code provides developers an overview of the steps involved when developing a typical BLE+Wi-Fi enabled sensor including:

  • Defining and implementing custom BLE profiles for communicating with a mobile app
    • Simple Sensor Profile
    • Wi-Fi Configuration Profile
    • LIFT Configuration Profile (for provisioning cloud API access)
  • Steps required to assign Wi-Fi credentials to the device over a BLE connection
  • Steps required to assign cloud authentication credentials to the device over a BLE connection
  • Basic driver for interfacing with sensors over I2C and SPI bus and LED control
  • Steps required to post sensor data to a cloud API via HTTP (HTTPS option included)
  • Steps required to receive remote cloud API commands to perform an action (e.g. toggle LEDs)
  • Persistent storage of credentials to Device Configuration Table (DCT) in Flash


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