"Is there an App for that?"

Leveraging the Cloud to add powerful Mobile App connectivity to your Products


Whether driven by customer feedback, competitive pressures, or opportunities to streamline business processes and minimize costs, more and more product developers are being tasked with adding a smartphone connection to enhance their product offering.  In reality, it’s a version of short-hand to speak in terms of simply “adding an App” to a product.   In most cases, the product requirements are really asking for the product to become part of a cloud-connectivity system, which leverages cloud-servers and the internet connectivity of phones, tablets, laptops, and of course, your product to provide remote monitoring and control capabilities.


The goal of this white paper is to walk through the elements of building a cloud-connectivity system to support remote App connectivity for your product, so you can have a robust and exciting solution to share when your customer, sales professional, or your CEO asks, “Is there an App for that?”  As the elements of a cloud solution are defined, key design considerations that a product development team will need to address are also highlighted.  Lastly, the white paper will provide a simple, intuitive framework for defining the capabilities you will need your design to include.


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