• dhrystone

    Hi,   I've ported the famous dhrystone ! benchmark to WICED. The only thing I still miss is a way to use -O3 as CFLAGS instead of -Os, actually I'm editing build/dhrystone-NoOS-NoNS-BCM943364WCD1/config.mk by ...
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  • Lower RF power out issue with bcm43341 5G mode

    Hi, I am measuring the RF power out of the Broadcom reference design bcm943341_3. The 2G power is 22dBm but in the 5G mode, the power out is only 11dBm. Has anyone seen this before? Data sheet of the part said it sh...
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  • BMC943341 WiFI + BLE

    Is it possible to use the BMC943341 with dual band wifi and with BLE?  If so, how? and how is the switching of the antenna signal handled?
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  • BLE advertising power consumption

    How can I reduce the power consumption of a BCM94334x module while it is in advertising mode?  My ISM43340 module (on an intentek EVB) draws around 40mA while advertising (for example, when running the ble_proxim...
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  • 43341 (Inventek ISM43341_L77) module unable to come up in Application Mode (after JTAG programming)

    Hi.   I am using the ISM43341_L77 which is a radio+ARM module without an EVB, as I have to finalize the layout of this module on our custom main board.   With JTAG flashing using Olimex, I can successfully...
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  • Soft Reset Issue with Our production Board

    Hi   In SDK 3.1.2  I can use the function  wiced_framework_reboot() to perform a soft-reset of the processor on the Inventek EVB ISM43362_M3G_L44. But I can't perform a soft-reset of the processor on o...
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  • Programming issue in Inventek ISM43340 EVB

    Hi,   I am now using ISM43340-M4G-EVB & programming the same using WICED sdk 3.1.2 through USB-UART port. But, I am facing programming issue( I can see no program error ,success message & reset message i...
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  • WICED 3.3.1 support for ISM43341?

    Hi,   Does WICED sdk 3.3.1 support ISM43341/40 eval kit ?   Inventek has released patch for sdk 3.1.2. Can that patch be used in sdk 3.3.1 ?   Need reply ASAP.
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  • where to buy ISM43340 EVB?

    I don't know why but I can't seem to find a distributor of ISM43340 EVB. None of them Distribution | Inventek Systems seem to be selling it online. Does anyone know where I can order a couple of boards?
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  • Need the platform build target for the BCM943340/ISM43340 build target

    Hi,   I am trying to build a snip/scan application using eclipse IDE provided in the wiced SDK.   This platform is not defined under platforms directory in the SDK.   So I copied the target for 43362...
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  • Inventek BCM43340 board with WICED SDK 3.3.1 and BLE Proximity

    Hi.   I have an inventek board and a broadcom WICED SDK 3.3.1. I have patched the 3.1.2 patch from Inventek (unless there is one for 3.3.1 that I can try). I wish to try the BLE proximity on the Inventek ISM4334...
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  • Re: Issue with I2C Authentication

    Building a snip for the ISM43362_M3G_L44 requires the use of a patch from Inventek to be applied to the SDK. Do you know if the patch used for the 3.1.2 SDK will work on 3.3.1?
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  • Patch files for WICED SDK 3.1.2

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