• CY7C53120E2/E4 programmer

    1.how could I know CY7C53120E2/E4 programmer list ? 2.what interface should I reserve for program ? The datasheet is not clear about this. thanks
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  • How do I get Serial Port Viewer and Terminal to work on Parallels(Windows 10 on Mid 2012 MacBook Pro)?

    How do I get Serial Port Viewer and Terminal to work on Parallels(Windows 10 on Mid 2012 MacBook Pro)?
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  • About of CapSense Controller

    Hello,   Is the following product automotive compatible?   CY8CMBR3102   If not, can you offer us an equivalent automotive compatible product? (equivalent to the above product)   Thanks Be...
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  • Hello

    Hello actually i interested with Cypress product specially Technology node in memory, so i have conflict may u help me to remove: for Ordering Code Definitions in the following DS "https://www.cypress.com/file/223361...
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  • Simple and accurate measurement of resistance with a multimeter

    It is convenient to measure the resistance using two wires, but it will cause measurement errors. This error can be almost eliminated by using a four-wire multimeter separated from the source terminal and the measurem...
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  • Trackpad Mudule detail parameter

    I am working on the touchpad summary and comparison. Cypress Parts number: 1. CYTRG-012007-00 2. CYTRA-112003-00 But datasheet no detail parameter. Could you provide below parameter for reference. Finger size ...
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  • TFT Driver IC name of CY8CKIT-028-TFT TFT Display Shield

    I am new PSOC6 user and have PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit. Please some one tell me the TFT LCD driver IC name.
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  • RXEMPTY# and RXFULL# asserted in the same time on CY7C9689A transceiver

    Hi,   I develop an FPGA for a client which uses an CY7C9689A transceiver with - FIFO activated, - 4B/5B encoder/decoder enabled, - 8-bit data (ans so 4-bit cmd).   The board drives by a ROBOCLOCK the fo...
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  • CY8CMBR3108 I2C lines Failure.

    Hi,   In one of my application where I need capacitive touch to provide input to the device(where i need 3 capsense buttons), i'm using cy8cmbr3008.   When the device is in normal working condition if there ...
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  • Maximum trace width for a CapSense trackpad and buttons

    Hi, I am designing a small trackpad with some buttons to be used on wearable technology using CapSense. I followed the design guidelines described in AN64846 "Getting Started with CapSense" (https://www.cypress.com/fi...
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  • Driver/information for CY8CTMA340 wanted

    Dear Sirs   Working on a project to drive 4.3" TFT with CTP. The controller on FFC is a CY8CTMA340 shown below. Trying to look for its programming registers from Cypress web site but there is no result, except ...
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  • Capsense as a capacitance to digital converter

    I was wondering if I could use capsense as a high resolution capacitance to digital converter.   The range of the measurements would be below 45 pF, but I would need a measurement resolution of approximately 1fF...
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  • Water-resistent wheel and slider

    Hello,   I use the CY8CMBR3108 for capacitive buttons. Now a customer wants a water-resistent wheel.   I read in the Design Guide AN90071, on page 17, of the CY8CMBR3108 that the chip only support water-re...
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  • Can you suggest any way to configure any GPIO as input for performing a USB specific request like screen capture

    Can you suggest any way to configure any GPIO as input for performing a USB specific request like screen capture.   I was able to configure the GPIO as input with interrupt mode for performing zoom in and zoom o...
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  • Problem using CY8CMBR3110 with 5VDC

    Hello!     Since 2017 I use the CY8C3110MBR and CY8C3116MBR in our products.   Until now I used 3.3VDC for configuring and programming these chips.   However I need to use 5VDC .. It´s posibl...
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  • Does Cypress still provide a review for cap sense PCB layouts?

    A year ago, Cypress provided reviews of your PCB layouts for cap sense circuit boards. The customer would create a support ticket in MyCase and categorize it as a PCB Review (or perhaps Layout Review?). You would th...
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  • Looking for FPGA source code for cyv15g0403dxb-video demo board.  Anybody got a clue?

    I've got a cyv15g0403dxb-video demo board, also known as "Quad Independent Channel HOTLink II CYV15G0404DXB Video PHY Demonstration Board".  In which forum will I find any discussions about this? It has two Alter...
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