• The CYBLE-416045-02 can interface with more than 2 devices ?

    The first time I've used the cyble 214015-01 to interface with my device by app but just using for 1 device. So now I change to use the cyble 416045-02 which can interface with more than 2 devices. Is that right? And ...
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  • How to find out "cy_stc_capsense_tuner_t " by use "open declaration " on MTB2.0

    Hi Team, 1  It compiles correctly 2   I can't find out  "cy_stc_capsense_tuner_t" by use "open declaration " on MTB2.0 3   hint:Could not find sysbol"cy_stc_capsense_tuner_t" in index....
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  • Laird Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity Solutions (webinar)

    As wireless connectivity becomes ubiquitous, designers are faced with a host of design challenges involving software integration, coexistence, antenna design and worldwide regulatory certification. Because of this, ma...
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  • Lantronix Secure Wireless  Connectivity Solutions (webinar)

    With the advent of wireless connectivity revolutionizing the way that devices and data centers communicate in next-generation industrial IoT applications – the need for reliable wireless transmission as well as ...
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  • PSOC6 USB driver for 4 Channel PCM AUDIO

    HI   If i already use PSOC6 to generate a 4 channel 16 bit 48K PCM audio data. i already have modify the USB bNrChannel to 4. but i can not get 4 channel pcm audio data in the WIN10 software AUDIO Player so ...
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  • modusToolbox can not add Middleware/Library files

    I am using Modustoolbox 1.1, and using Git to add my project as "adding project from from file system" so far no problem I can add my project and build it. However, I can not add any library through "Select Middlewar...
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  • PSoC6 SAR Sequencer ADC and DMA

    The attached Modus 2.0 projects for PSoC6 show how to connect the maximum inputs to the SAR sequencer and use DMA to move the data from the ADC to achieve the highest possible sample rates.  Currently ModusToolBo...
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  • "#warning The BLE Stack components are not selected."

    Hi,   I'm trying to merge my PSoC Creator project for PSoC 6 into Modus 2.0. I have setup my Bluetooth configurator just like the one in my Creator project, but I get the warning "The BLE Stack components are no...
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  • Does PSoC 6 SMIF has a unified cmd/addr/data operation?

    I'm working the SMIF interface on the PSoC 63 used in the PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer kit.   The SMIF driver API shows separate functions to. transmit a command and address (Cy_SMIF_TransmitCommand()), clock possible ...
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  • Missing builders for CYBL-416045-02?

    I loaded up the BLE "Find Me" code example for the CYBL-416045-02 into Modus from the Git Repository.   But the projected did not include any Builders. Most other projects seem to include CDT Builder and Scan C...
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  • ModusToolbox Device Configurator missing I2S interrupts

    We have a project on CY8CPROTO-063 BLE Kit using I2S interface. We created a project is created in PSoC Creator 4.2, we adapted the example I2S project CE218636 ( https://www.cypress.com/documentation/code-examples/...
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  • USB Init Example Modus Toolbox

    Hi,   I am trying to use USB block on Modus Toolbox for a PSoC6 device (CY8C6247BZI-D54).   In the Cypress USB Device Middleware Library I see that I need to initialize using the following function:  ...
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  • PSoC 6 Pioneer Kit, ModusToolbox, KitProg3, Blinky demo not blinking

    I have a new PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) that I'm trying to bring up with ModusToolbox 1.1.0 (Build ID: 234) on a macOS system.  This is actually my second board; I successfully brought up the first ...
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  • How  to  use emWin Graphics in Modus IDE?

         HI  Cypress:              can you give some advice how to use emWin Graphics in the modus IDE?  TKS;
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  • PSoC Creator VS Modus Toolbox

    Hi everyone, I would like to start working with PSoC 6 to design devices which uses USB interface.   I read the following statement in the document AN221774 Getting Started with PSoC 6 MCU:     And cou...
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  • Psoc6 Modus - SCB Interrupts

    In the ModusToolbox, it seems the SCB interrupts can only be configured to trigger TCPWM or a GPIO. Is there a different place to configure the SCB to generate an interrupt that my ISR can service?   This is po...
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  • Spi Master - No read function created

    Have a Psoc6 project started in Modus. After configuring the device and building, the SpiMaster.c file only sendPacket, checkTransferStatus, initMaster, and mSPI_INterrupt defined.   Why does it not generate a ...
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  • Username with space

    Hi, using a username with space provides Problems (e.g. CY8CKIT-062 Voice Recorder example) when compiling the Code. Is there chance to change the command line option for .-appdatapath to another one?
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  • MTB debug issue

    Hi,   I try to use CY8CKIT-062-BLE(PSoC6 version A)  to debug the MTB1.1 example (BlinkyLed project), but looks failed:   And I used another kit CY8CKIT-062-BLE(PSoC6 version C), it looks okay. How...
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  • PSOC6 BLE module in Modus Toolbox

    I have been trying to build a simple BLE application using PSOC 6 BLE prototyping kit. I have installed modus tool box and have configured BLE module. Modus Toolbox is new to me and I am trying to find how to enable...
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