• S25FL512S Becomes unusable during read operation

    Hello, We are using PSoC 6 BT pioneer kit for a product development. We are storing voice and display images to the sflash. No issues with erasing and writing. However, for some absurd reason, during reading the sfla...
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  • S29GL256S10DHV020  is not writing to the FLASH .

    Chip is not writing to the FLASH location .   I am using NOR FLASH S29GL256S10DHV020 and programming a FLASH BYTE .  using following steps , but non of the data is written .       uint...
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  • S70FL01GSAGBHIC10 : How to read CR (Configuration Register)

    Dear all.   Now I am using the cypress SPI flash memory : S70FL01GSAGBHIC10. And I need to see current CR register configuration status especially SPI QUAD bit. Our questions are as the following and if yo...
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  • Curious about differences between  S26KL512S vs S26HL512S

    The S26KL is a HyperBus product family, the S26HL512S is Semper HyperBus family.  Curious about the differences between these. The data sheet for S26KL512S seems much better (clearer etc) than S26HL512S datashee...
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  • Suffix "E" (S29AL016J70BFI010E)

    Hello All,   Please tell me. What means this Suffix "E"?   1. S29AL016J70BFI010     ↓ 2. S29AL016J70BFI010E   COO of No.1 is Thailand.   Which Country is COO of No.2 ?   Bes...
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  • How to read OTP region of QSPI flash?

    I am trying to read OTP region from the QSPI Flash. Is it possible to read first 16 byte of random number of OTP region in application run time..? If yes Is there any driver file available for the same..?
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  • WICED- CYW943907 - S25FL064L Flash Support

    Hi ,   Problem Statement : Not able to READ / WRITE to Flash S25FL064L   Background:  We are using S25FL064L  in our board, as WICED has the support to this device, we have declared the macro GLO...
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  • S25FL064L WIP always busy

    Hi There,   I notice the WIP always busy non stop. May I know what happened?       here is my code     #define CMD_S25FLXX_WRITE_ENABLE      0x06  /* wr...
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  • What's the difference betten S25FL129P0XBHIY00 and S25FL129P0XBHI200

    What's the difference betten S25FL129P0XBHIY00 and S25FL129P0XBHI200
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  • S25FL128SAGBHI300 - Reliability - Thermal Resistance and TJ Max

    What is the Rating of the TJ Max   Formula Tj=TA+(Theta JA+PD) Tj=85C+(36C/W+.62W) Tj=121.62C?
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  • S25FL256S verilog simulation model problem

    Hi, can anyone help me with the spi flash verilog simulation model? I'm using verilog behaviorial model downloaded from https://www.cypress.com/verilog/s25fl256s-verilog . I'm having trouble understanding some code...
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  • simulation result without s25fs128s  timing information

    we using the Flexspi to access s25fs128s model and using read command 0x3. but the model i/o signal without timing information even I load the SDF file _verilog.sdf. the file is download from cypress website. currentl...
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  • S-parameter of S25FS512S

    Could you provide S-parameter of below part#.   Part#: S25FS512SAGMFB01x   Thank you & Regards,
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  • IS25WP256D-JLLE Cross

    Hi,  Does Cypress have a cross to the IS25WP256D-JLLE?  This is an extended temperature 1.8V Serial NOR Flash.  
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  • S25FS512SDSBHV213 / Memory area status at factory shipment

    Dear Madam/Sirs,   Please advise if all memory area is completely erased (no data is programmed) when shipped from factory. If Yes, please confirm if Cypress guarantees it.   This time, customer's targ...
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  • NOR flash, TSSOP 56pin,S29GL512S11TFIV13 recommend PCB layout pad

    Hi Cypress     Could you provide the flash relevant data to us? because we refer to the spec., it is only the IC pin dimension on the page91 We can’t know what dimension can meet the pin, and make t...
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  • AM29LV160DB-70WCC alternative part

    Hi,   AM29LV160DB-70WCC is Obs. part. Have any alternative or replacement part for reference? Regard,   Kevin
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  • S25FS256SAGBHI210 quad mode not working as expected

    I am using nrf52840 to interface with s25FS256 memory. I have been able to get it working in standard SPI mode, read and write works perfectly fine. I am trying to use Quad I/O mode. I am setting quad bit in CR1V to ...
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  • Source code for programming Parallel NOR Flash (S29GL01GS, S29GL256S)

    I am using  Parallel NOR Flash (S29GL01GS, S29GL256S)  in one of my project and I need the source code and driver files and also the header file .
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  • S25FS512SDSBFM213

    Hi I'm Purushotham from Dura Automotive Services Kindly Please fill the table below MPN   MPN Manufacturer Life Cycle (Active/Discontinued) YTEOL RoHS (Yes/No) AEC Qualified (Yes/No) Correct MPN S25FS5...
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