• In my original design NOR flash PN: S25FL064LABMFM010 was installed then I replaced it with PN: S25FL064LABMFI013. I noticed that the device is working 1/2 the original speed. It is not stated in the datasheet that these 2 part numbers should perform diff

    In my original design NOR flash PN: S25FL064LABMFM010 was installed then I replaced it with PN: S25FL064LABMFI013. I noticed that the device is working 1/2 the original speed. It is not stated in the datasheet that th...
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  • Migrating from S25FL032P Serial NOR Flash to S25FL064L

    I recently migrated from the S25FL032P to the S25FL064L NOR Flash and during testing I realized that the Block Erase (64K Sector) command 0xD8 takes much longer than the original slower chip; the original flash, S25FL...
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  • erasing and programming page of secured regions in S25FL256L flash memory using SPI

    Hi ,     I'm developing code for accessing the flash for read and write using SPI .I'm using mpc5777c nxp chip to interface     with SPI nor flash. I need to program some data on the se...
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  • Serial NOR flash page program issue

    Hello everyone.   I'm using S25FL127S serial NOR flash with PSoC 5LP MCU. I've been able to establish communication between the two. I'm using the flash to write data which sometimes can be greater than the pag...
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  • S70FL01GS I/O voltage

    I have a problem understanding the S70FL01GS I/O voltage capabilities. The data sheet front page indicates that the part supports 1.8V I/O:  Core Supply Voltage: 2.7V to 3.6V  I/O Supply Voltage: 1.65V to 3.6V B...
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  • S29GL01GS read issue in linux

    Hi all, We got some trouble in linux(3.14.39 or 4.14.53) with S29GL01GS11TFIV10. Using command "hexdump -n 10 /dev/mtdblock0", we got incorrect data from S29GL01GS after linux bringing up (mtdblock0 is at NOR FLASH o...
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  • Rreplace FLASH IC from N25Q128A13ESE40G to S25FL127SABMFV101

    I want to replace FLASH IC from N25Q128A13ESE40G to S25FL127SABMFV101. Are there any points to change with Soft ware?
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  • S25FL erase stops working after QUAD bit set

    Using chip S25FL256SAGMFI003.  Works great from factory.  I can erase sectors (0xDC), program (0x12), read (0x13), etc.  As soon as I use WRR to set QUAD bit to 1 in configuration register (setting/leav...
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  • S25FL256S VIO 1.8V operation

    Hi, I plan to use S25FL256S (S25FL256SAGMFIR01) in my design for 1.8V VIO operation. Attached is the schematics.   I have 3 supplies B_1V8_SF - 1.8V for serial flash (generated for sequencing) B_3V3_D - 3.3V ...
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  • my sample to configure S25FL Config register but not success?

    I can read any registers, I can read/write any memory location but I can NOT configure the config register or status configure. Can some one point out what to be the problem. (My QSPI clock is 108MHz), my System clo...
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  • S70FS01GS Flash Algorithm

    I was wondering if Cypress already has the Flash Algorithm created for the S70FS01GS 1Gb QSPI NOR Flash. I am upgrading from an S25FS512S and it seems that the read/write accesses have changed quite a bit between the ...
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  • Part Status

    Please provide the part status of the below Spansion parts:   S29JL032J70TFI320 S29GL032N90TAI012 S29GL032N90TAI013   Please let us know if the above Part Number is Active/Obsolete/Invalid. If Active, ...
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  • Replacement of S29PL127J60BFI000A

    Is S29PL127J60BFI040 a replacement part of S29PL127J60BFI000A? Please confirm.   Thank you,Shun Furusawa
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  • Protection against Illegal Read

    Hello All, We are planning to use the S29GL032N Flash Memory device in our design to securely store critical Look Up tables. The Tables will be loaded only once at factory and never updated in the field. The main req...
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  • Migration from S29GL512P to S29GL512S issue

    Hope this note find you all well in 2019.   As per Arrow FAE recommendation we used migration path Flash chips on our boards, but we are having some technical issues. I will really appreciate if you could pleas...
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  • Per Product Termination Notification PTN

    Per Product Termination Notification PTN#185104, S29AL016J70TAI020 is declared as OBSOLETE and no replacement part has been recommended. As this is a Non-RoHS part, I narrowed down the below replacement parts from th...
  • S29GL01GT13TFNV10 Vcc/Vio sequencing

    Having Vcc = 3.3V, and Vio = 1.8V. What happens if I do not sequence Vcc and Vio?   The sequencing of Vcc and Vio in S29GL01GT datasheet conflicts with FPGA power sequencing, and causes all sorts of problems. &#...
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  • Is an IBIS model available for S70GL02GT12FHIV10?

    Is an IBIS model available for S70GL02GT12FHIV10? If not, how do I request one?
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  • S29GL256P11FAIV10 Solder ball alloy composition details

    Hello,   We need the solder ball alloy composition for the BGA with the MPN: S29GL256P11FAIV10.   Regards, Amogh.
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  • S29AL016J- Issues when erasing without checking DQ7# inmediately after

    Hi, I'm using the Texas Instruments TCM320C6748 DSP with the EMIF interface to communicate with the S29AL016J NOR flash.   The point is that when i erase a sector, then go into a while loop checking DQ7# until ...
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