• Thermal resistance details of S29GL256P11FFIV20

    Hi,   We need the following details for the thermal analysis, 1. Thermal resistance to BASE 2. Thermal resistance to CASE 3. Max Junction Temperature.   Thanks, Ramesh M
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  • MBM29F400TCのコマンドリセットの仕様について

    以下データシート、14page DQ5の説明文中に、「タイムリミットを超えた場合は、コマンドによるリセットを実施してください。」との記述があります。 http://www.e-ele.net/DataSheet/MBM29F400TC.pdf   MBM29F400TC-90PFにて、ハードリセットのタイミングによって、タイムリミットが発生したような症状が確認されておりますので、以下確認させてください。 Q1)タ...
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  • Recommended stencil thickness for S29GL01GT11DHB023(LAE064)

    Hi team,   Could you please let me know the recommended stencil thickness for S29GL01GT11DHB023(LAE064)?   Thanks and regards, Katsu.Kikuma
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  • PSOC 4 & Serial NOR Flash - S25FL064L

    Hi, I am creating a design with a PSOC4200M (CY8C4247-AZI) and a cypress 64Mbit NOR flash S25FL064L   1. Is there any example project i can reference on regarding adding the SLLD (Serial Lowe Level Drivers) i....
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  • About the minimum frequency of SCK (S25FL512S)

    Hi,   The data sheet lists the maximum SCK drive frequency. The minimum drive frequency is described as DC (Don't Care).   If you want to drive the SPI from the bus master with SCK = 10kHZ, will there be ...
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    Hello! We are looking for Rthjc on S29JL064J (especifically on S29JL064J60TFA000). There is not any information regarding max junction temperature, thermal resistance case to ambient or junction or any thermal data on...
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  • Linux patch for S70GL02GS

    Hi, We have received a linux patch file “linux-3.14.27-s70gl02gs.patch.zip” from BushraH_91 on Aug 7, 2019 3:10 PM in the below discussion.   https://community.cypress.com/thread/48218?start=0&t...
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  • Regarding the Page Programming time(tPP) of S25FL064L

    Hi, ALL   Please let me know the test conditions (voltage, operating temperature) for Maximum value of tPP (Page Programming time) in S25FL064LABMFI010.   Also, I would like to know the actual value of pag...
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  • S25fl256l VHDL Library package

    The S25fl256l VHDL testbench needs a 'spansion_tc_pkg' . Does anybody know where I can download this package?
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  • MTBF and Fit rate

    Hi All,   We are using IC S29GL01GS10TFI010 Flash in our design. Please help us by providing MTBF and fit rate for this IC. Waiting for the same.   Regards, Vyshnav Krishnan
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  • Why Flash erase time out at address <address> at <data> in S29GL01GT while doing erasing

    Hi, S29GL01GT10TFI010 NOR Flash is used in our design. We were using a sector to write and read for about months. Now while trying to do erase using U-Boot erase command, particular address in that sector throws ...
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  • Condition of repair of BGA ?

    Hi,   I want to know how to repair of BGA after soldering. Could I get the document regarding "Repair of BGA after Soldering?   P/N:S29AL016J70BFI010 Package:48-Pin FBGA   Best Regards    
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  • S25FL256L is it possible to write single register i mean single write and read

    Hi,    In S25FL256L is it possible to write single register ,I mean single write and read. Have some issues sector erase and page write   Regards, Vignesh.V
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  • Cross Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL064S70TFI040

    I would like to cross Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL064S70TFI040.  This looks like a direct cross, same package, pin out.  Do you have an applications note for migrating from Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL...
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  • S70FS01GS Xilinx Configration

    Hi All,     I am looking to use a S70FS01GS NOR flash as the configuration memory for a Xilinx Ultrascale Plus FPGA.     Is the S70 range supported by the FPGA/iMPACT programming tools?...
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  • Semiconductor Handling Storage Conditions

    Please show your Handling Storage Conditions generally.   ・temperature and humidity  ex: Temperature 20℃~30℃ / Humidity 40%~60%   365 days 24hours operating、check conditions 3times/day and record   ・...
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  • Alternative big size memory Flash device to replace S70FS01GS, 128 MB, 1.8 V with same footprint (BGA24)?

    Hello,   This is Sundar from Hardware team, ZF Automotive, we are using the S70FS01GS, 1-Gb device in ADAS programs. We would like expand flash memory size so that let us know, is there any Flash device to rep...
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  • Accessing NOR (S25FL128L) flash from windows 10 (USB) with FTL block driver

    Dear All, Currently we are trying to access the NOR flash from windows over USB-MS class device. FTL (block driver in Cypress FFS) integrated in our application and using FTL as block driver. We are able to format t...
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  • Unknown flash on Bank 1 - Size = 0x00000000 = 0 MB

    Hi,   We are using S70GL02GS in our product.  With the old u-boot version U-Boot SPL 2013.10 (Aug 05 2019 - 23:00:56) we are able to bring up the board and everything is fine.   We are porting the cod...
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  • About sector erase time of S29JL032J

    I have a question about "Sector Erase Time" of S29JL032J.   Sector Erase Time = 0.5sec (Typ) is described in "18. Erase and Programming Performance" on page 54 of the data sheet.    →Q1.   Is this th...
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