• NOR FLASH management information

    Dear ALL,      I want to know the parameters of S25FL512SAGMFIR13, as follows:      shelf life, exposure time after unpacking during production line, baking time and temperatu...
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  • Cypress is suggesting to use 128S to replace this 127S.  So could you pls help us to find the suitable part

    Hi Cypress is suggesting to use 128S to replace this 127S.  So could you pls help us to find the suitable part # of 128S to replace 127S? The 127S full part number is S25FL127SABMFI101, please suggest which 128S ...
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  • S29GL512S10TFI020:Questions about ECC functionS29GL512S10TFI020

    Hello,   I have a question about the ECC function of S29GL512S10TFI020.   Does ECC protection work in the following usage methods 1) and 2)?   1)Write 0xFF with WriteBuffer. Write data other than ...
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  • Is an IBIS model available for S70GL02GT12FHIV10?

    Is an IBIS model available for S70GL02GT12FHIV10? If not, how do I request one?
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  • Writing to S29GL064S slower than S29GL064N

    We have recently tested the S29GL064S70TFI070 flash memory device as a drop-in, pin-compatible replacement for the S29GL064N90TFI070 which has now become obsolete.   We are finding that while the programming of ...
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  • S29GL256S90TFI020:Questions about flash ROM access

    Hello,   An attempt was made to check the device ID on a board equipped with S29GL512T10TFI020 and S29GL256S90TFI020. However, S29GL256S90TFI020 results in a status error (code: 97). S29GL512T10TFI020 can read t...
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  • S29AL008J70TFI010 AC Characteristics

    Hi,   I would like to confirm regarding AC Characteristics of the S29AL008J70TFI010. As per datasheet, tACC max is 70ns. But from Logic Analyzer capture, I am getting 1.3us. Can please help to clarify if I am ...
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  • Chip processing technology problem with S29GL

    I am an electronic developer and need to ask a question depending on the needs of the project.   The S29GL series produced by your factory can now be purchased with the S29GL produced in 2008. Is there a technica...
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  • Re: S25FL-L and S25FL-S compatibility

    Hello, Philip,   The S25FL512SAGxx as well as the S70FL01GSAGxx (65nM MirrorBit) are active Ordering Part Numbers (OPN’s) and are currently in production.   In regards to the S25FL256LAGxx (65nM Flo...
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  • S25FL125 power up if CS# not high

    Question regarding S25FL128S/S25FL256S flash devices with both VIO and VCC, and the treatment of CS#. The datasheet says that CS# must be pulled high during power up, ideally tracking VCC. But if VIO is at a lower vol...
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  • S29AL008Jの温度拡張版について

    S29AL008J70TFI020(-40~85℃品)とS29AL008J70TFN020(-40~125℃品)について ・ ジャンクション温度の規定がDatasheetにありませんが、   動作範囲におけるジャンクション温度規定を教えてください。 ・ 一般的にトランジスタ等の半導体部品には「許容損失○○W」なる定格が存在しますが、   このROMについては同様の(または類似した)規定は有りませんか?
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  • Registering the Map Driver in Linux for S70GL02GS.

    Dear All,   We have interfaced NOR flash (part number :S70GL02GS) to processor is AM3352 via GPMC interface.   In old kernel V3.20, physmap_flash_driver is also being registered using platform_driver_regis...
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  • AEC-Q100-005 evaluation of S25FL512SAGMFMG10

    Hi Team,   Has Cypress S25FL512SAGMFMG10 been evaluated for Cycled HTOL(Erase cycle + HTOL) and Cycled RTOL(Erase cycle + RTOL) as defined in AEC-Q100-005? If the evaluation has been performed, please provide t...
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  • S25FL-L and S25FL-S compatibility

    The ZYNQ 7000 only list compatibility with the S25FL-S part. Is the S25FL-L functionally compatible to the S25FL-S? Is there a pin equivalent part that I can migrate the S25FL256LAGNFM010 to the S25FL-S family?
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  • How to disable HOLD# function on SPI Flash

    We have run into issues in the past when accessing the devices using 1-1-4 based reads and writes.  Cypress has a pullup on IO3 that is used to disable the HOLD# feature when in x1 mode but how strong is this pul...
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  • Consulting with S25FL064L

    我使用flash型号“W25Q128BV”读写其Device ID可以正常读出,但是使用贵司的S25FL064L读出来的ID都是0XFF。麻烦帮忙看一下这两个器件在读写的时候是否兼容或读写ID的区别是哪里?附件为W25Q128BV的数据手册
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  • Why can not Program the PPB even when the PPBL Lock is 1

    Dear Cypress Experts, I have several questions in the ASP PPB, please help have a check, thanks!   Question 1: Why can not program the PPB even when the PPBL Lock is 1  LONER_TESTS # sf probe 2:0 SF: Dete...
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  • Is there an IBIS model for 1.8V I/O for S70GL02GT?

    I'm looking for an IBIS model for the S70GL02GT12FHBV13 that supports 1.8V I/O operation. I found two models at this link http://https://www.cypress.com/search/all/S70GL02gt?sort_by=changed&f%5B0%5D=meta_type%3Aso...
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  • IO type of RESET

    Does the RESET of S29GL512T10TFI020 have schmitt trigger? If not, are there any restrictions for rise/fall time?
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  • Driver for spi 1Gb S70FL01GSAGMFI013 nor flash

    Hello, We would like to use S70FL01GSAGMFI013 spi flash memory and interface it with a mcu. However we are really new with flash memories and we would like to ask if there is any driver (C code with functions how to ...
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