• S28HS512TGABHM010 封装尺寸图

    Hi.cypress 对于S28HS512TGABHM010 datasheet, 并没有发现相关的器件的尺寸图(包括top view,  side bottom and so on)请帮忙提供一下:客户需要它来做PCB库,他们也从其他地方找了下相关的尺寸图,是否可用?   thanks flance fang
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  • reg erase the sectors which is already programmed - S25FL256S

    Hi,     i need to erase the sector which is already programmed . the erase command seems to work. I need some guidance in order to save or backup/create a copy of already present data say if i need t...
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  • nor flash replacement

    Currently am using a 32M Nor flash M29W320EB70N6E as boot up chip for ADI ADSP-21489.  But the M29W320EB70N6E is facing EOL issue. Could any one recommend a nor falsh as replacement, so that I don’t need to...
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  • When is "poll" test setup timing of AC Chracteristics applicable for S29GL01GT?

    Hi,   S29GL01GT datasheet (002-00247 Rev. *L) gives at §11.4 "AC Characteristics" the timing to follow. Under "Test Setup" column of Tables 42 to 47, the timing is different when in Read or Poll (e.g. for "...
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  • I want to Change S25F064L Flash to S70FL01GS Flash on  LPC178 controller??

    Hello developers Good "Afternoon"..... I want to Change S25F064L Flash to S70FL01GS Flash on  LPC178 controller.   Please help me how can i replace S25F064L  flash to S70FL01GS flash because S70FL01GS...
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  • [S25FL512S] - Physical Interface

    Dear All,,,   I'm under reviewing about Cypress Serial Flash Memory / S25FL512S Series. Pls, refer to the attached file. (the datasheet)   I can see the below on datasheet. (page 38)     I ca...
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  • Hello,  I would like to know if you there is a near exact replica of the now obsolete PN S25FL128P0XMFI000. I read the Cypress cross reference table that indicates its replacement but my concern is mainly a few of the specs and pinout differences.

    In other words, my main concern is keeping the configuration of my system the same when finding a replacement of the S25FL128P0XMFI000.
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  • S29GL032N90TFI02の初期値の件

    Cypress様の工場から出荷される際 そのデータ書き込み領域の初期値はALLゼロでしょうか? それともALL-FFでしょうか。
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  • Is it possible to force format a flash file system?

    We are using Cypress FFS for cypress S25FL164 chip.   We have an issue that, the files in the SPI chip are no longer accessible after period of time. We suspect some data could be corrupted (log file?)   B...
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  • Endurance and data retention for S25FL512SDSMFM010

    Hi,   Regarding S25FL512SDSMFM010, if updating the following area of the Configuration register at every start-up, do I have to consider the specification of endurance and data retention?   ・ Latency Cod...
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  • S70GL02GS Need software to read ECC code on per page basis.

    Hi,   We are using device: S70GL02GS in our design and need software to read ECC status code from specified pages on memory. Please redirect us to the existing driver code to do so.   Flash memory memory m...
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  • Serial NOR flash page program issue

    Hello everyone.   I'm using S25FL127S serial NOR flash with PSoC 5LP MCU. I've been able to establish communication between the two. I'm using the flash to write data which sometimes can be greater than the pag...
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  • I bought a batch of S29GL064N90TFI070 from traders while i would like to have them inspected on quality and authenticity. Is there any agency providing service of such?

    As stated. I work in Hong Kong so better the agency is global and have office here.   Thanks everyone.
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  • s70fs01gs only can read id

    I used s70fs01gs flash chip, can now read its id, but can not do other operations such as reading registers, if I want to operate it, need to do other initialization operations?   Error flag is erasing error whe...
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  • Do you have CY NOR flash cross reference for MICRON and MXIC NOR flash for replacement?

    Can you help me to find CY NOR flash which can replace below MICRON and MXIC parts? Please help to remark if CY parts can be the pin 2 pin replacement or any software migration job needed. VN    &#...
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  • What is ESD Class (HBM) rating for the Memory flash P/N S70FL01GSAGMFB010?

    Cypress data sheet doesn't include any info on ESD Class of the Memory flash P/N S70FL01GSAGMFB010. Can anyone from Cypress engineering provide this info ?   Thank you, Dr. Boris Yagudayev, Sr.EEE Components/P...
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  • Problem programming of some locations within pages of the S25FL256L device

    We are interfacing a S25FL256L with a STM32L476 and have seen an unusual error case. We can erase the 4 K sector and read back the content of 0xFF in all locations. When programming the pages we can program 252 bytes ...
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  • Where can I find flash commands for s25hs512t?

    I have downloaded the data sheet for s25hs512t flash model. But the datasheet don't have any flash commands. Where can i find the flash commands and the procedure to use them?
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  • S29GL256S10DHV020  is not writing to the FLASH .

    Chip is not writing to the FLASH location .   I am using NOR FLASH S29GL256S10DHV020 and programming a FLASH BYTE .  using following steps , but non of the data is written .       uint...
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  • How to read OTP region of QSPI flash?

    I am trying to read OTP region from the QSPI Flash. Is it possible to read first 16 byte of random number of OTP region in application run time..? If yes Is there any driver file available for the same..?
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