• S26KL256SDABHI020单体重量

    Hi. cypress   In official web, I can't find this PN S26KL256SDABHI020(Package Weight, https://www.cypress.com/part/s26kl256sdabhi020 )单体重量(mgs), would you help to check and tell me?   thanks flance fang
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  • Writing to S25FL256S slower than S25FL256L

    Hello,   We are considering using S25FL256S instead of S25FL256L to reduce the programming time.   After some tests using the same flash driver, we found that the writing time increased with S25FL256S com...
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  • IBIS model for S25FL256SAGMFIR01

    Please provide IBIS model for the part S25FL256SAGMFIR01 also Hspice model if it is available for SI analysis purpose.
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  • IBIS model for S25FL512SAGMFIR10

    Please provide IBIS model / Hspice model for the part S25FL512SAGMFIR10 for using it in SI analysis.
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  • Is there any migradtion guide for S29GL01GS11TFI010 replacing JS28F00AP33TF?

    Hi Our customer wants to use S29GL01GS11TFI010 to replace JS28F00AP33TF in their design, they already had co-layout for this two difference pin-out NOR flash. According to cross-reference guide which CY provided, it s...
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  • Specification of the Chip Erase Time in S29GL128S

    Hello,   Could you tell the specification of the Chip Erase Time (typ/max) in S29GL128S? I found it out for S29GL064S in the datasheet,  but the S29GL128S datasheet doesn't have.   MPN  S29GL128...
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  • S29GL128S10TFI010   ESD and  MSL level need

    客户目前评估NOR+SRAM , 型号如下S29GL128S10TFI010 和CY7C1051DV33-10ZSXIT     Datasheet中并没有标注, 可以通过何种途径方法可以确认到他们的ESD和MSL等级呢? 谢谢!!
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  • Fit rate of S29GL064S

    Please provide the value of S29GL064S SER (Fit rate). - Alpha Static SER - Newtron SER  
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  • FG PNOR Bit化けについて

    御教示いただけますでしょうか?   MPN:S29AL016J70TFI020   過去より、4~5年採用しておりますが、 bit化けが多数発生しています。 フラッシュに電荷をチャージする方法はreadでも可能でしょうか?   宜しくお願い致します。
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  • Does RY/BY# work if trying to program twice?

    Dear I'm using NOR flash S29JL064H. Does RY/BY# work if trying to program the same address twice without erase? In normal case RY/BY# will change from low to high when the program completed but I'm not sure about...
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  • S25FS512SDSBHM213: Reprogram a PPB without erase

    If the PPB programming of a specific bit is interrupted for some reason, is it possible to re-program the same bit with the same value without doing an erase first?
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  • S25FS512SDSBHM213: The erase time for PPBE E4h command

    I wonder what is the erase time for PBBE (PPB Erase) command. According to the snippet below from the datasheet, it equals Tse. The problem is that Tse have two values, one for 4 K sector size and the other for 256 ...
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  • Parameter Sector Size of S25FL1-K

    Parameter Sector Size of S25FL1-K is described N/A in data sheet. On the other hands, that of S25FL-P is 4kB. What is meaning of "N/A"? Does "N/A" mean parameter sector is 1 byte?
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  • 供給性について S29WS Family

    御担当者様   S29WS128P0PBFW000がEOLを迎えるかと思います。 Miogration先として、容量Upで以下を検討する場合、 S29WS256P0PBFW000、供給性はどのようでしょうか?   宜しくお願い致します。
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  • what soft modification after a flash migration

    Dear Cyprocess developper community,   i would like to change an old memory flash for my design from S25FL164K0XMFI011 to S25FL064LABMFI011. I find the attached document that explain the command change, but i d...
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  • Requesting thermal data for S25FL064LABMFI010 SOIC8.

    I am looking for the Junction-to-Board resistance, Junction-to-Case resistance, Max Junction Temperature, and Max Power Dissipated for S25FL064LABMFI010 SOIC8 package. I have only been able to locate the Junction-to-A...
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  • S35HL256 security part number status

    Hi. cypress   In cypress internal system, I may find S35HL256 or S35HS256 is CRM active status as below and road map, but cypress offical website, I can't find the S35HL(HS)datasheet, whether we may introduce th...
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  • S29AL008D70TFI020 Obsolete

    Hi ,   i have checked this parts & have a Obsolete document said the LTS in Oct-10-2009(DC 0941). is it possible the parts still active in 2010? (DC 1022)   Thanks.
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  • Finding pin to pin replacement for below parts

    Hi, Could you please help to provide the CY part number for replacing the below parts? Please advise the closest part number if no fully compatible option. MX25L12835FM2I-10G MX25L25635FMI-10G MX68GL1G0FUT2I-12G Thank...
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  • Thermal resistance (JB/JC) of S25FS512SAGMFI011

    I checked the data sheet and found that there was only thermal resistance of Theta JA (junction to ambient). Can you tell me about the following two conditions? - Thermal resistance of Theta JB (junction to Bord) ...
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