• problems switching from S70FL01GS to S70FS01GS

    Good morning,   I am developing an embedded application on a soft MPU instantiated in a FPGA. One of the thing the fw should do is to read/write data from/to a flash, 16-pin spi memory. For my project I need to ...
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  • Are S25FL032A and S25FL032P interchangeable/compatible?

    Hi there, I'm currently thinking of migrating between two SPI Flash memory devices, S25FL032A and S25FL032P. I know they're manufactured on different process technology nodes, and there are some differences in terms...
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  • Question about the Timing Check of S29AL016J simulation model

    Hi there, I'm currently using Spansion (now Cypress) S29AL016J simulation model (which was downloaded at official site: http://www.cypress.com/simulation-models) in our design. Filename of the model is "s29al016j.v". ...
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  • S25FL064L Data Corruption

    Hi   My Data Gets Corrupted in quad SPI During Multiple Power up to Power down by Various time interval.   Time interval->100ms,80ms,60ms,20ms   Time interval is given in various format   Th...
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    I am using the low levell driver from the downloads page to try and program the S29GL064S70TFI070 device.   I am finding that some calls to "lld_WriteBufferProgramOp" return with error status "DEV_PROGRAM_ERROR"...
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  • Indirect programming using S25FL128S and Artix 7, TBPROT issue

    We have a new board with a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA and a Cypress S25FL128S SPI flash.  I exported a SVF file from Vivado (v2019.2) to be used with our Goepel JTAG tools for programming the S25FL128S device.  Thi...
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  • S29AL016J70BFI010_Behavior when an oscillation signal is input

    *Introduction - The duration of oscillation is several hundred ns to several us. - The frequency at the time of oscillation is not fixed. - Suppose you are oscillating without meeting the flash ROM input setup a...
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  • Can I get the Thermal Resistance Theta JC (top) Rjc, Theta JC (Bottom) Rjc , Theta JB (Rjb) & max junction temperature value for part# S25FL128LAGMFV013 ?

    Can I get the Thermal Resistance Theta JC (top) Rjc, Theta JC (Bottom) Rjc , Theta JB (Rjb) & max junction temperature value for part# S25FL128LAGMFV013 ?
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  • S25FL032A Verilog Simulation Model

    Hi there, I'm currently using Spansion (which is now Cypress) S25FL032A in my design, but I can't find its Verilog simulation model on the Cypress website. Can anyone please give me any hint as of where to download...
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  • Sector Erase concern in S70FL01GS.

    Hello Mam ApurvaS_36   I am facing problem in Sector Erase command. My code given below to erase sector: //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- u16 EraseFlash...
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  • I found two different marking on spansion flash , why ?

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  • S29JL064H Timing error: tGHVL hold violatin

    Hi there, While I am using Cypress S29JL064H Verilog simulation model to do behavioral simulation, the sim log gives a weird timing Error:   # ** Error: ../vrf/S29jl064h/model/s29jl064h.v(1161): $hold( posedge ...
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  • S70FL01GS Flash memory Programming Commands(Read/Write/Erase) documents.

    Hello Mam,   I find every where on Cypress support but i only get 19 pages pdf documents . I want S70FL01GS Flash memory programming user manual for finding commands of Read/Write and erase.   Thanks &...
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  • Spansion FFS resource usage

    Hi all,   I'm up to replacing our own flash file system with one that has more features. I came across the Spansion FFS and would like to compare it to littleFs and SPIFFs. I searched through a lot of the docu...
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  • Registering the Map Driver in Linux for S70GL02GS.

    Dear All,   We have interfaced NOR flash (part number :S70GL02GS) to processor is AM3352 via GPMC interface.   In old kernel V3.20, physmap_flash_driver is also being registered using platform_driver_regis...
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  • NOR Flash Sector Erase command sequence and Polling DQ3

    Hi there, About the DQ3 (Sector Erase Timer) bit, I have a few questions:   1, Based on my understanding of Cypress datasheets, DQ3 is used when we need to erase TWO OR MORE sectors in a single Sector Erase Com...
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  • For NOR Flash, can RY/BY# (or Ready/Busy) pin replace Data Polling (and toggling bits) method?

    Hi there, I'm currently using Cypress NOR Flash in my design, including:   S29JL064J,   S29JL064H (this 064H is not recommended now),   S29GL256P,   S29gl01GT     From there datashe...
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  • Can I use S29JL064J's Verilog simulation model for S29JL064H ?

    Hi there, From Cypress simulation model page (https://www.cypress.com/simulation-models), I CANNOT find the Verilog model of S29JL064H; I can only find S29jl064j's Verilog model.   I know 064H is an older chip...
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  • ソフトエラーのfit値について、ご教示お願い致します

    ご担当者さま   デバイス単体として、目標Fit値は100fitと理解しています。 ソフトのBitエラーレートを御提示いただけますでしょうか? ご提示出来ないようでしたら、回答の100fitは、ソフトエラーを 含めて100fit でしょうか? また、100fitは一つの製品の生涯故障率でしょうか?   解釈について、ご教示のほど、宜しくお願いいたします。   対象品種は以下です。 ...
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  • Source code for programming Parallel NOR Flash (S25FL256L/S25FL128L)

    I am using the Cypress S25Fl256L/S25FL128L NOR Flash chip in one of my project and I would like the low-level driver source code and the header files.   Thanks, Nathan Coerper Embedded Firmware   ..|.......
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