• About S25FL128S-----which one is Vio/Vcc-separated flash?

    May I ask which device model bond this connector to the I/O power supply?I need to use this type,but I cannot find the information in the datasheet.Need Help!!
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  • Please suggest closest part for replace S25FL204K( 8-PIN-SOIC), higher capacity is acceptable.

    As the title, please help to provide an alteration for this 4Mbit SPI NOR flash. The higher capacity is acceptable.
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  • Erase and program sequence for S70GL02GS flash

    Hi,   I need to interface with the S70GL02GS flash. I needed the sequence of commands for ersa and program which I am not ale to find in the datasheet. Could you pleasepoint me to a document or provide an exampl...
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  • about QSPI NOR Flash spec

    Dear supporter   Infineon TC3 family has Queued SPI function which can achieve serial interface. Please let me know if Cypress Quad SPI NOR Flash memory would be suitable on communication with this function in ...
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  • Registering the Map Driver in Linux for S70GL02GS.

    Dear All,   We have interfaced NOR flash (part number :S70GL02GS) to processor is AM3352 via GPMC interface.   In old kernel V3.20, physmap_flash_driver is also being registered using platform_driver_regis...
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  • problems switching from S70FL01GS to S70FS01GS

    Good morning,   I am developing an embedded application on a soft MPU instantiated in a FPGA. One of the thing the fw should do is to read/write data from/to a flash, 16-pin spi memory. For my project I need to ...
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    I am using the low levell driver from the downloads page to try and program the S29GL064S70TFI070 device.   I am finding that some calls to "lld_WriteBufferProgramOp" return with error status "DEV_PROGRAM_ERROR"...
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  • MTBF/FIT Value for S25FL256SAGMFI000

    Hi,   We want mtbf/ FIT value to do reliability for this IC   Regards, Ramesh M
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  • Pullup ou pulldown on SCK signal of S25FL256S ?

    Hello, I would like to have confirmation on the Pullup / pulldown resistances that it is preferable to place on Pins CS # and SCLK of memory S25FL256S Is it better to put a pullup on CS # and a pulldown on SCLCK? (In ...
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  • S25HS01GT clarification for the QUADIT bit of CFR1V[1] and the QPI-IT bit of CFR2V[6]

    Hi Experts,   Last time I asked a question about "s70fs01gs clarification for CR1V QUAD bit behavior after CR2V QPI bit set to 1" and got result that the CR1V QUAD bit will be automatically set to '1' when the C...
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  • s25fl512.v SPEEDSIM didn't work, we need the corrct value to speed up simulation

    hi,   We found in the s25fl512.v and s25fl256s.v define SPEEDSIM have the same define value with no-define SPEEDSIM. And it takes so long time to run the simulation if the SPEEDSIM didn't work.    Th...
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  • Word programming of S29GL01GT10TFI01

    以下の手順でワードプログラムを行ったところ、手順5の0x00FFの書き込みが行われました。   1) 0x555に0xAAを書き込み 2) 0x2AAに0x55を書き込み 3) 0x555に0xA0を書き込み 4) 0x000に0xFFFFを書き込み 5) 0x000に0x00FFを書き込み   データシート ワードプログラミングに以下の記載があります。 「組込みプログラム アル...
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  • I found two different marking on spansion flash , why ?

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  • NOR Flash Timing Models

    Does Cypress offer models for timing analysis tools that customers could use to verify interface timing rather that entering all individual parameters. I'm specifically interested in S70FL01GS NOR Flash part interface...
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  • S29AL016J70TFI02: Boot flash erase timing varying chip to chip.

    Hi, We are using the below mentioned Boot Flash chip for our application.      Part no                  &...
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  • S25FL064L

    Required thermal data for part number S25FL064LABMFM013 like POWER DISSIPATION AND theta ja,theta jc, theta jb,tj,tc ?
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  • Read operation failing at bootup

    Hi,   I am trying to bringup my controller board with ARM processor using Cypress flash S70GL02GS12FHIV10. My CE# line is toggling continuously as it is not able to read the flash part. If I reset the flash, I a...
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  • S29GL01GT19FHI010替代S29GL01GP11FFIR10问题

    Dears,   客户在采用S29GL01GT19FHI010替代S29GL01GP11FFIR10时,用烧录器可以正常在线烧写,但是采用bootloader的时候烧写失败,请问有什么需要注意的地方么?多谢!
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  • S29jl064j simulation model compile error.

    Hi there, I'm currently using S29jl064j simulation model in my design. I experienced some problems during the sim job, so I intend to use the testbench inside of the simulation model to re-run the sim, and see what t...
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  • Theta JC and Theta JB for S25FL256SAGBHV200

    Hello,   I am trying to get Thermal resistance values, Theta JB ( Junction to the board) and Theta JC (Junction to Case) values for S25FL256SAGBHV200.   Thanks
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