• S25FS512S  nonvolatile register CR2NV[7]

    When writing the norflash register, the value of the nonvolatile register CR2NV[7] is set to 1, the film does not come up, and there is no way to erase. Is there any way to solve it?
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  • S25FL064LABNFI043 Center Slug Pad

    The datasheet for S25FL064L indicates that the S25FL064LABNFI043 option (USON) has an exposed center slug pad. Neither the connectivity diagrams nor signal descriptions indicate the presence or connectivity of this ce...
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  • 使用C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\serialif_examples\cyfxusbspiregmode 源工程调试SPI flash,但是先CyFxSpiEraseSector(1,7,wp),再CyFxSpiTransfer(1792,4,flash_write,0);再CyFxSpiTransfer(1792,4,flash_read,1);//从flash中读取数据,擦除、读和写都成功,但是会对后面程序运行造成

    CyU3PReturnStatus_t write_data(void)//向flash写入数据 {    unsigned char flash_write[4]={0}; unsigned char flash_read[4]={0};    CyU3PReturnStatus_t status = CY_U3P_SUCCESS;      &#...
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  • No source available for "0x0" what it mean

    when I debug on cy3014 ,there will be "No source available for "0x0"" ,I don't know what lead to it.can you help me ?
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  • junction temperature of: S25FL256SAGMFI011

    Hello Can you specify the junction temperature of: S25FL256SAGMFI011 ?  
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  • regarding calculatin of sectors for erase  before page write of normal and secured regions S25FL-L 128/256

    Hi    My page program nd sector erase functions are done . To erase the sectors before page write any rfefrences for calculation for the same. if it is there It would be helpful. some thing like this ive d...
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  • Migrating from S25FL128SAGNF to S25FL128LAGNFxxx

    Regarding the WSON package, other than the different package dimensions (PCB change to accommodate the FL-L), would I need to change firmware, software or power supply to migrate to the FL-L?  Are the FL-S and FL...
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  • S-parameter of S25FS512S

    Could you provide S-parameter of below part#.   Part#: S25FS512SAGMFB01x   Thank you & Regards,
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  • 如何修复S25FL127SABMFI100 status Register D8h_0 bit

    Hi.cypress 客户使用S25FL127SABMFI100,误操作将状态寄存器 SR2的最高位 D8h_0设置成1,按照数据手册描述,该位是OTP,是否有办法可以将该bit 复原到出厂默认值吗?
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  • simulation result without s25fs128s  timing information

    we using the Flexspi to access s25fs128s model and using read command 0x3. but the model i/o signal without timing information even I load the SDF file _verilog.sdf. the file is download from cypress website. currentl...
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  • Can I use  S25FL256SAGMFI011 at 90 degrees at 3.3V when the duty cycle is less than 10%?

    Can I use  S25FL256SAGMFI011 at 90 degrees at 3.3V when the duty cycle is less than 10%?
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  • S25FS512S spi not replying

    Hello, i have a board with some S25FS512S  chips on it that i try to access through the SPI, but they dont reply.   I know i send the correct signals, because i send the same signals to a similar FLASH (S70...
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  • Serial NOR flash page program issue

    Hello everyone.   I'm using S25FL127S serial NOR flash with PSoC 5LP MCU. I've been able to establish communication between the two. I'm using the flash to write data which sometimes can be greater than the pag...
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  • How to deal with Pin NC of NorFlash(S29GL512N)

    We are designing a product using NorFlash(S29GL512N). As our product has a higher reliability requirement, considering the EMC design, could you provide the internal function and structure of Pin NC ?  In order t...
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  • SPI NOR S25FS512S - S25FS128S - S25FS256S - DLP when RL (latency cycles) are less than 5.

    Hello,   According to specification, "When using DDR I/O commands with the DLP enabled, an LC that provides 5 or more dummy cycles should be selected to allow 1 cycle of additional time for the host to stop dr...
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  • S29GL064N with VIO left open (not tied to the 3.3V)

    Hi everybody,   I have an interesting case where a TSOP56 case S29GL064N (Spansion/ Cypress) was found to have Pin29 left open (not brazed on the PWB). Pin 29 is "VIO" that powers the I/O buffers of the Flash m...
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  • How to connect the WP pin of S29GL-S Nor Flash ?

    I am using the S29GL-S nor flash, because the datasheet describle that  WP pin has internal pull-up, when unconnected, WP is high level. So I do not connect WP pin in my design circuit, but i measure WP in is lo...
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  • i am looking for the socket connector for S25FL064LABBHB02 to program externally

    could cypress has any suggestions on the connector part
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    Hello, we are using S25FL256SDPNFB000 flash for the purpose of storing data in it. It is interfaced with zynq controller. I am not able to write and read from the SPI flash. This S25FL256SDPNFB000 flash is working in ...
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  • Linux Driver Integration for S70FS01GS

    Hello,   I am using the cypress linux driver found here: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/cypress-spi-flash-drivers-linux-kernel-4140 with the S70FS01GS NOR flash.   I have set...
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