• The QUAD bit of Configuration Register in S25FL256S

    Using four-wire mode to configure the FPGA, what will happen if the bit is not set to 1.Thank you.
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  • S25FL064L reading support

    I am using MPC5606s micro, I am new For QSPI Chip,If i try to read the content from QSPi Chip after flashing, First two bytes are missing and third and fourth content able to read, next fifth and sixth content is miss...
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  • About S29PL064J60BFI070

    S29PL064J60BFI070 のTape & Reel品は存在しますか? https://www.cypress.com/file/207091/download    
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  • Low-level drivers for S70FS01GS cannot be downloaded

    Hi all,   I would like to download the low-level drivers for the S70FS01GS SPI flash memory. However when try to do that at the address:   https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/low-lev...
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  • S25FL128S serial nor flash Driver

    how to interface with spi nor flash communication steps any one can help me S25FL128S Drivers like Write, Read and Erase functions.     Regards, Santosh
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  • S29GL02GS12TFSR20

    Plz tell me the weight of S29GL02GS12TFSR20?
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  • FLASH Part Cypress S29JL032J In-System Sector Protect Programming

    We employ Cypress flash device P/N S29JL032J70TFI310 in our product design. There is application code residing in the bottom-most sector SA0 (0x0000) of the subject device that needs to be protected from inadvertent e...
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  • Using the Suspend and Resume Command for S25FL064L

    HI,   There are some question about using the Suspend and Resume Command.   Is it possible to program or erase to another sector during the Suspend command?   When resumed with Resume command, What...
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  • AEC-Q100-005 evaluation of S25FL512SAGMFMG10

    Hi Team,   Has Cypress S25FL512SAGMFMG10 been evaluated for Cycled HTOL(Erase cycle + HTOL) and Cycled RTOL(Erase cycle + RTOL) as defined in AEC-Q100-005? If the evaluation has been performed, please provide t...
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  • 可否帮忙提供下S29GL512S11TFIV20 Layout走线的约束(基于这颗flash芯片角度考虑),包括:

    Dears, 可否帮忙提供下S29GL512S11TFIV20 Layout走线的约束(基于这颗flash芯片角度考虑),包括: 1,地址线相互之间走线间距 2,数据线相互之间走线间距 3,地址线和数据线之间走线间距 4,地址线和其他信号线走线要求 5,数据线和其他信号线走线要求 6,地址线自己绕线的要求 7,数据线自己绕线的要求 8,该flash其他信号走线要求 多谢!
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  • Do you have a solder mask guide and mount of SOIC?

    Hello.   I found the solder mask guide and smt guide of soic(S25FS512SDSMFB010).   Do you have them?   Thanks and Best regards. Glenn.
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  • DDR support for S25FL128SAGMFI013

    Hi,   This specific part version (AGMFI013) is ordered as a "133 MHz" part (the "AG" in the version.)  Can it support DDR, or does a DS (or DP) version have to be ordered?  It's not 100% clear from the...
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  • S25FL064L of blank check command

    HI,   Is there a blank check command for S25FL064L product, as in the GL-S/GL-T series? If not, is there any firmware code that can be used as a reference for the user to create?   Best Regards, Kumada
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  • Using S25FL127S for SPI Flash u-boot

    We ran into an obsolescence issue on our product. Previously we were using Micron part N25Q128A13ESE40G but now we're using Cypress part S25FL127S. Our processor loaded up fine and it seemed like a perfect drop-in rep...
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  • Thermal resistance details of S29GL256P11FFIV20

    Hi,   We need the following details for the thermal analysis, 1. Thermal resistance to BASE 2. Thermal resistance to CASE 3. Max Junction Temperature.   Thanks, Ramesh M
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  • MBM29F400TCのコマンドリセットの仕様について

    以下データシート、14page DQ5の説明文中に、「タイムリミットを超えた場合は、コマンドによるリセットを実施してください。」との記述があります。 http://www.e-ele.net/DataSheet/MBM29F400TC.pdf   MBM29F400TC-90PFにて、ハードリセットのタイミングによって、タイムリミットが発生したような症状が確認されておりますので、以下確認させてください。 Q1)タ...
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  • Registering the Map Driver in Linux for S70GL02GS.

    Dear All,   We have interfaced NOR flash (part number :S70GL02GS) to processor is AM3352 via GPMC interface.   In old kernel V3.20, physmap_flash_driver is also being registered using platform_driver_regis...
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  • s25fs512s not able to erase/write address location 0x00000 to 0x07FFF

    Hi Team,   we are using s25fs512s in qspi mode with linux 4.14 kernel version, when we write first time to s25fs512s flash using sf write/dd command to write 0x0000 to 0x07FFF location the data will be written o...
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  • Recommended stencil thickness for S29GL01GT11DHB023(LAE064)

    Hi team,   Could you please let me know the recommended stencil thickness for S29GL01GT11DHB023(LAE064)?   Thanks and regards, Katsu.Kikuma
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  • PSOC 4 & Serial NOR Flash - S25FL064L

    Hi, I am creating a design with a PSOC4200M (CY8C4247-AZI) and a cypress 64Mbit NOR flash S25FL064L   1. Is there any example project i can reference on regarding adding the SLLD (Serial Lowe Level Drivers) i....
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