• I found two different marking on spansion flash , why ?

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  • problems switching from S70FL01GS to S70FS01GS

    Good morning,   I am developing an embedded application on a soft MPU instantiated in a FPGA. One of the thing the fw should do is to read/write data from/to a flash, 16-pin spi memory. For my project I need to ...
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  • S29JL064H Timing error: tGHVL hold violatin

    Hi there, While I am using Cypress S29JL064H Verilog simulation model to do behavioral simulation, the sim log gives a weird timing Error:   # ** Error: ../vrf/S29jl064h/model/s29jl064h.v(1161): $hold( posedge ...
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  • S70FL01GS Flash memory Programming Commands(Read/Write/Erase) documents.

    Hello Mam,   I find every where on Cypress support but i only get 19 pages pdf documents . I want S70FL01GS Flash memory programming user manual for finding commands of Read/Write and erase.   Thanks &...
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  • Sector Erase concern in S70FL01GS.

    Hello Mam ApurvaS_36   I am facing problem in Sector Erase command. My code given below to erase sector: //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- u16 EraseFlash...
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  • Spansion FFS resource usage

    Hi all,   I'm up to replacing our own flash file system with one that has more features. I came across the Spansion FFS and would like to compare it to littleFs and SPIFFs. I searched through a lot of the docu...
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  • Registering the Map Driver in Linux for S70GL02GS.

    Dear All,   We have interfaced NOR flash (part number :S70GL02GS) to processor is AM3352 via GPMC interface.   In old kernel V3.20, physmap_flash_driver is also being registered using platform_driver_regis...
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  • NOR Flash Sector Erase command sequence and Polling DQ3

    Hi there, About the DQ3 (Sector Erase Timer) bit, I have a few questions:   1, Based on my understanding of Cypress datasheets, DQ3 is used when we need to erase TWO OR MORE sectors in a single Sector Erase Com...
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  • For NOR Flash, can RY/BY# (or Ready/Busy) pin replace Data Polling (and toggling bits) method?

    Hi there, I'm currently using Cypress NOR Flash in my design, including:   S29JL064J,   S29JL064H (this 064H is not recommended now),   S29GL256P,   S29gl01GT     From there datashe...
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  • Can I use S29JL064J's Verilog simulation model for S29JL064H ?

    Hi there, From Cypress simulation model page (https://www.cypress.com/simulation-models), I CANNOT find the Verilog model of S29JL064H; I can only find S29jl064j's Verilog model.   I know 064H is an older chip...
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  • ソフトエラーのfit値について、ご教示お願い致します

    ご担当者さま   デバイス単体として、目標Fit値は100fitと理解しています。 ソフトのBitエラーレートを御提示いただけますでしょうか? ご提示出来ないようでしたら、回答の100fitは、ソフトエラーを 含めて100fit でしょうか? また、100fitは一つの製品の生涯故障率でしょうか?   解釈について、ご教示のほど、宜しくお願いいたします。   対象品種は以下です。 ...
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  • Source code for programming Parallel NOR Flash (S25FL256L/S25FL128L)

    I am using the Cypress S25Fl256L/S25FL128L NOR Flash chip in one of my project and I would like the low-level driver source code and the header files.   Thanks, Nathan Coerper Embedded Firmware   ..|.......
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  • I have a question about the reset command for S29AL008J70BFI010.

    Hi team   I have a question about the reset command for S29AL008J70BFI010. The following is described in the data sheet. ================================================== =====================================...
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  • PNOR Flash Data retantionについて教えてください

    Migration評価にあたり、以下、ご教示のほどお願い致します。   現行:S29GL512P10FFCR20 → 今後:S29GL512T10DHI020     (1)代替品(S29GL512T10DHI020)の仕様書には以下の記載がありますが    現行品(S29GL512P10FFCR20)の仕様書には記載がありません。    現行品の仕様を教えて下さい。 (2)デー...
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  • Regarding the typical value of tCE for S29GL128S90TFI010

    Hi,   Regarding the value of tCE in Table 11.3, it is described as MAX. Value in the specification. Could you tell me the Typ. Value?   Best Regards, Kumada
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  • S29GL512Pのイレーズ中のデータリードについて

    御担当者様   既に生産中止になっておりますが、S29GL512Pに対する問い合わせをさせていただきます。   対象データシート https://www.cypress.com/file/219926/download   上記データシートのページにイレース処理中データリードを行う場合は サスペンドコマンドを発行する必要があると考えております。   イレース中のセクターに対し...
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  • About S29AL008J70TFI020 Type

    I want to confirm the type of S29AL008J70TFI020. Is it correct in MLC (Multi Level Cell)?   *This information is required for product review. *No information was found in the datasheet.   Best Regards, ...
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  • Spansion S34ML04G100TFI100 rev2 - onfi signature failure and unexpected Device

    I have used Spansion's S34ML04G100s before with good success a few years ago, but I have one example that is powered & communicating but reporting unexpected results when requesting ONFI signature, ID, and paramet...
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  • S29JL064J

    I am using the S29JL064J and are seeing intermittent write behavior.  We have three devices, two have undershoot on the WE and OE pins around -1.2V for ~ 20ns.  For these two we see about a 90% and 10% write...
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  • Maximum operating junction temperature and thermal resistance for S29PL032J60BAI120?

    Hello,   For thermal evaluation purpose within our design I need to check the operating junction temeprature vs the maximum junction temperature. I know the power dissipated by the component but I did not found...
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