• Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of Part Number S25FL132K0XNFI011

    I am working on a solder joint fatigue analysis for a board that uses your S25FL132K0XNFI011 memory.  Can you please tell me the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for this part?  Thanks!
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  • Writing to S25FL256S slower than S25FL256L

    Hello,   We are considering using S25FL256S instead of S25FL256L to reduce the programming time.   After some tests using the same flash driver, we found that the writing time increased with S25FL256S com...
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  • S29GL512T10TFI020/ECC機能の挙動について

    S29GL512T10TFI020のECC機能の挙動について質問があります。   S29GL512T10TFI020搭載基板でECCの挙動について以下確認を行いました。   【確認内容】 ①フラッシュの先頭から128KB分イレース ②フラッシュの先頭から2byteだけWord Writeで書き込み ③ECCステータスをリード→0:ECC有効   内蔵ECC機能は下記動作の場合、無効とな...
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  • Data retention period when ECC is disabled

    Cypress様   現在フラッシュアクセスをECCが有効になるよう検討を進めておりますが、 一部のアクセスでECCを有効にしようとすると大量のイレースが発生し、 アクセス時間がかなり長くなってしまうことが確認されたため、 一部のページでECC無効として使用しようと検討しております。   そこで質問となりますが、データシート上に記載のデータリテンション期間  10k P/Ecycles &...
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  • How to set Burst Command in S25FL064L

    Hi   Please support me.. How to set Burst Command and Burst Length in S25FL064L I want to read the data sequentially from starting address 0x00000 to 0x7FFFFF(8MB Flash)     Thanks Mahesh
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  • S25FL256LAGNFB010 operation

    Hello   Please tell me about S25FL256LAGNFB010 operation. If the power supply voltage is input from 0V, and the input does not exceed 2.4V, what happens to the this device? (Dose the device remain reset(stoppe...
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  • Semper Addressing Question

    Maybe I haven't had my coffee this morning. But I'm hung up on something in the Semper address space mapping. I know that when a page is accessed two 32 byte half pages are accessed. And I'm aware that Semper uses "m...
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  • Can S29AL016J be replaced with S29AS016J?

    I'm looking to replace the S29AL016J (3V) NOR Flash with the S29AS016J (1.8V) part. Are there any constraints/issues/incompatibilities with that (R/W time,delays, etc.), that I need to be aware of? Thanks!
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  • Does RY/BY# work if trying to program twice?

    Dear I'm using NOR flash S29JL064H. Does RY/BY# work if trying to program the same address twice without erase? In normal case RY/BY# will change from low to high when the program completed but I'm not sure about...
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  • what soft modification after a flash migration

    Dear Cyprocess developper community,   i would like to change an old memory flash for my design from S25FL164K0XMFI011 to S25FL064LABMFI011. I find the attached document that explain the command change, but i d...
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  • FL-L series のSecurity 規格 SP800-193の対応について

    お客様でSecurity 規格 SP800-193のFLASHを検討しております。 FL-L series(S25FL128LAGMFI010)はSP800-193規格をサポートしておりますでしょうか。  
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  • S28HS512TGABHB Device Qualification Report

    Hi.cypress   I can't find the PN S28HS512TGABHB Device Qualification Report, whether do you provide it Qualification Report?   thanks flance fang
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  • FL256L erase/write always busy

    I added the official driver(V16.2.1) to ARM program. First, I try to read chip ID, and return ID message like datasheet. Then I try to read addr 0x000000, and return 0xFF, to this step, everything seems fine. But wh...
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  • FG PNOR Bit化けについて

    御教示いただけますでしょうか?   MPN:S29AL016J70TFI020   過去より、4~5年採用しておりますが、 bit化けが多数発生しています。 フラッシュに電荷をチャージする方法はreadでも可能でしょうか?   宜しくお願い致します。
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  • Am29F040B content degradation

    I have used AM29F040B for years and still in production. Last experience is that sometimes the device can degrade the code loaded. Is there any historic about this issue? Is there any situation that the memories can d...
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  • Please suggest which CY part can be the replacement for MX25R6435FZNIL0

    Please suggest which CY part can be the replacement for MX25R6435FZNIL0 If the recommended part is not fully compatible, please provide the migration guide.
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  • S25FL128SAGMFI000这个料是默认禁用Quad模式,可以选择默认启用Quad吗?

    Dears,     客户的主料默认启用Quad模式,为了与主料保持一致有Quad位出厂默认为1的料可选吗?,另外关于手册中的命名规则,请问按照后缀注释,这颗料的3Pin和14Pin默认是RFU吗?Tks!
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  • Consulting with S25FL127SBF10

    我们用S25FL127SBF10芯片        目前发现一例仪表图片显示错误,更换新QSPI,故障解除。        卸下来的QSPI芯片换到正常显示仪表,故障依然在线。        将故障芯片用GZU EZP_XPRO V2工具读取数据,...
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  • NOR FLASH management information

    Dear ALL,      I want to know the parameters of S25FL512SAGMFIR13, as follows:      shelf life, exposure time after unpacking during production line, baking time and temperatu...
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  • Cypress is suggesting to use 128S to replace this 127S.  So could you pls help us to find the suitable part

    Hi Cypress is suggesting to use 128S to replace this 127S.  So could you pls help us to find the suitable part # of 128S to replace 127S? The 127S full part number is S25FL127SABMFI101, please suggest which 128S ...
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