• Cypress is suggesting to use 128S to replace this 127S.  So could you pls help us to find the suitable part

    Hi Cypress is suggesting to use 128S to replace this 127S.  So could you pls help us to find the suitable part # of 128S to replace 127S? The 127S full part number is S25FL127SABMFI101, please suggest which 128S ...
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  • Driver for spi 1Gb S70FL01GSAGMFI013 nor flash

    Hello, We would like to use S70FL01GSAGMFI013 spi flash memory and interface it with a mcu. However we are really new with flash memories and we would like to ask if there is any driver (C code with functions how to ...
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  • Does the S25FL256LAGM device have Vio on pin14 or not? The spec is not clear

    Does the S25FL256LAGM device have Vio on pin14 or not? The spec is not clear
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  • junction temperature of: S25FL256SAGMFI011

    Hello Can you specify the junction temperature of: S25FL256SAGMFI011 ?  
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  • QPI mode on S25FS512S

    Hi,   I have tried to configure the SPI-NOR flash to QPI mode by configuring CR2V with value 0x48.   After doing this I am trying to read the Read Quad Identification (RDQID AFh), It is not giving the vali...
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  • Min/Max dimensions on SOC008 package of S25FL064L

    What are the min and max dimensions of "D" "E" and "E1" on SOC008 package of S25FL064LABMFI010?   Thank you & Best Regards,
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  • 25FL064 CS# at powerup

    Hi,   we did a little (big?) mistake in the conception around the serial flash: on the last serie of cards (hundreds) we forgot to put a pullup resistor on the CS# (ChipSelect#) signal coming from an FPGA. The...
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  • SR2 OTP programming

    Hi all,   I'm using S25FL127S SPI NOR flash in my project. I read in the datasheet in section 7.6.3 that   " The Status Register 2 OTP bits can be changed using the WRR command with 24 input cycles. " ...
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  • S25FL128S serial nor flash Driver

    how to interface with spi nor flash communication steps any one can help me S25FL128S Drivers like Write, Read and Erase functions.     Regards, Santosh
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  • Do you have a solder mask guide and mount of SOIC?

    Hello.   I found the solder mask guide and smt guide of soic(S25FS512SDSMFB010).   Do you have them?   Thanks and Best regards. Glenn.
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  • DDR support for S25FL128SAGMFI013

    Hi,   This specific part version (AGMFI013) is ordered as a "133 MHz" part (the "AG" in the version.)  Can it support DDR, or does a DS (or DP) version have to be ordered?  It's not 100% clear from the...
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  • MBM29F400TCのコマンドリセットの仕様について

    以下データシート、14page DQ5の説明文中に、「タイムリミットを超えた場合は、コマンドによるリセットを実施してください。」との記述があります。 http://www.e-ele.net/DataSheet/MBM29F400TC.pdf   MBM29F400TC-90PFにて、ハードリセットのタイミングによって、タイムリミットが発生したような症状が確認されておりますので、以下確認させてください。 Q1)タ...
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  • Alternative big size memory Flash device to replace S70FS01GS, 128 MB, 1.8 V with same footprint (BGA24)?

    Hello,   This is Sundar from Hardware team, ZF Automotive, we are using the S70FS01GS, 1-Gb device in ADAS programs. We would like expand flash memory size so that let us know, is there any Flash device to rep...
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  • Accessing NOR (S25FL128L) flash from windows 10 (USB) with FTL block driver

    Dear All, Currently we are trying to access the NOR flash from windows over USB-MS class device. FTL (block driver in Cypress FFS) integrated in our application and using FTL as block driver. We are able to format t...
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  • SpansionFFS with SLLD: FTL_InitAll() fails!!

    Hi, Using a Renesas RX111 MCU via RSPI @ 3V3 to a S25FS064SDSMFI010 device @1V8 via PI4ULS3V304ZMEX level translator. Electrical interface is OK, I can read and write to the Spansion SPI flash. Now, trying to use S...
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  • S25FL128S AG unable to erase/programm

    Hello, I am having an issue with the S25FL128S flash memory, i am unable to programm or erase it at any sector.   I have this part mounted in a custom board to boot a Xilinx Zynq device, and I am unable to perfo...
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  • reg erase the sectors which is already programmed - S25FL256S

    Hi,     i need to erase the sector which is already programmed . the erase command seems to work. I need some guidance in order to save or backup/create a copy of already present data say if i need t...
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  • [S25FL512S] - Physical Interface

    Dear All,,,   I'm under reviewing about Cypress Serial Flash Memory / S25FL512S Series. Pls, refer to the attached file. (the datasheet)   I can see the below on datasheet. (page 38)     I ca...
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  • Is it possible to force format a flash file system?

    We are using Cypress FFS for cypress S25FL164 chip.   We have an issue that, the files in the SPI chip are no longer accessible after period of time. We suspect some data could be corrupted (log file?)   B...
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  • Endurance and data retention for S25FL512SDSMFM010

    Hi,   Regarding S25FL512SDSMFM010, if updating the following area of the Configuration register at every start-up, do I have to consider the specification of endurance and data retention?   ・ Latency Cod...
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