• Are S25FL032A and S25FL032P interchangeable/compatible?

    Hi there, I'm currently thinking of migrating between two SPI Flash memory devices, S25FL032A and S25FL032P. I know they're manufactured on different process technology nodes, and there are some differences in terms...
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  • Indirect programming using S25FL128S and Artix 7, TBPROT issue

    We have a new board with a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA and a Cypress S25FL128S SPI flash.  I exported a SVF file from Vivado (v2019.2) to be used with our Goepel JTAG tools for programming the S25FL128S device.  Thi...
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  • Can I get the Thermal Resistance Theta JC (top) Rjc, Theta JC (Bottom) Rjc , Theta JB (Rjb) & max junction temperature value for part# S25FL128LAGMFV013 ?

    Can I get the Thermal Resistance Theta JC (top) Rjc, Theta JC (Bottom) Rjc , Theta JB (Rjb) & max junction temperature value for part# S25FL128LAGMFV013 ?
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  • S25FL032A Verilog Simulation Model

    Hi there, I'm currently using Spansion (which is now Cypress) S25FL032A in my design, but I can't find its Verilog simulation model on the Cypress website. Can anyone please give me any hint as of where to download...
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  • Sector Erase concern in S70FL01GS.

    Hello Mam ApurvaS_36   I am facing problem in Sector Erase command. My code given below to erase sector: //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- u16 EraseFlash...
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  • S70FL01GS Flash memory Programming Commands(Read/Write/Erase) documents.

    Hello Mam,   I find every where on Cypress support but i only get 19 pages pdf documents . I want S70FL01GS Flash memory programming user manual for finding commands of Read/Write and erase.   Thanks &...
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  • Spansion FFS resource usage

    Hi all,   I'm up to replacing our own flash file system with one that has more features. I came across the Spansion FFS and would like to compare it to littleFs and SPIFFs. I searched through a lot of the docu...
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  • ソフトエラーのfit値について、ご教示お願い致します

    ご担当者さま   デバイス単体として、目標Fit値は100fitと理解しています。 ソフトのBitエラーレートを御提示いただけますでしょうか? ご提示出来ないようでしたら、回答の100fitは、ソフトエラーを 含めて100fit でしょうか? また、100fitは一つの製品の生涯故障率でしょうか?   解釈について、ご教示のほど、宜しくお願いいたします。   対象品種は以下です。 ...
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  • Maximum Junction Temperature of a S25FS512SDSBHB213.

    Hello.   I found Maximum Junction Temperature of S25FL256SAGMFIR01.       https://community.cypress.com/message/188372#188372   How is Maximum Junction Temperature of S25FL256SAGM...
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  • Cross to Micron M25P16-VMC6TG

    What is the closest cross to Micron M25P16-VMC6TG? thanks
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  • DDR operation of S28HS256T / S28HS512T / S28HS01GT flash

    Hello,   We're working on a controller project targeted for S28HS256T / S28HS512T / S28HS01GT flash device. When we set the flash model to OPI DDR, we noticed there's an extra DS pulse after every read. Is thi...
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  • S25FL127S initialization routine

    Hi, We have designed a hardware prototype that includes a S25FL127S Flash purely for storage (no XIP required) purpose. The host MCU is Renesas Synergy S7G2. This MCU has support for QSPI. Accordingly, we have con...
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  • IBIS model for S25FL256SAGMFIR01

    Please provide IBIS model for the part S25FL256SAGMFIR01 also Hspice model if it is available for SI analysis purpose.
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  • IBIS model for S25FL512SAGMFIR10

    Please provide IBIS model / Hspice model for the part S25FL512SAGMFIR10 for using it in SI analysis.
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  • S25FS512SDSBHM213: Reprogram a PPB without erase

    If the PPB programming of a specific bit is interrupted for some reason, is it possible to re-program the same bit with the same value without doing an erase first?
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  • Parameter Sector Size of S25FL1-K

    Parameter Sector Size of S25FL1-K is described N/A in data sheet. On the other hands, that of S25FL-P is 4kB. What is meaning of "N/A"? Does "N/A" mean parameter sector is 1 byte?
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  • what soft modification after a flash migration

    Dear Cyprocess developper community,   i would like to change an old memory flash for my design from S25FL164K0XMFI011 to S25FL064LABMFI011. I find the attached document that explain the command change, but i d...
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  • S35HL256 security part number status

    Hi. cypress   In cypress internal system, I may find S35HL256 or S35HS256 is CRM active status as below and road map, but cypress offical website, I can't find the S35HL(HS)datasheet, whether we may introduce th...
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  • Finding pin to pin replacement for below parts

    Hi, Could you please help to provide the CY part number for replacing the below parts? Please advise the closest part number if no fully compatible option. MX25L12835FM2I-10G MX25L25635FMI-10G MX68GL1G0FUT2I-12G Thank...
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  • FL-L series のSecurity 規格 SP800-193の対応について

    お客様でSecurity 規格 SP800-193のFLASHを検討しております。 FL-L series(S25FL128LAGMFI010)はSP800-193規格をサポートしておりますでしょうか。  
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