• Cypress is suggesting to use 128S to replace this 127S.  So could you pls help us to find the suitable part

    Hi Cypress is suggesting to use 128S to replace this 127S.  So could you pls help us to find the suitable part # of 128S to replace 127S? The 127S full part number is S25FL127SABMFI101, please suggest which 128S ...
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  • FLASH Part Cypress S29JL032J In-System Sector Protect Programming

    We employ Cypress flash device P/N S29JL032J70TFI310 in our product design. There is application code residing in the bottom-most sector SA0 (0x0000) of the subject device that needs to be protected from inadvertent e...
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  • S25FL064L reading support

    I am using MPC5606s micro, I am new For QSPI Chip,If i try to read the content from QSPi Chip after flashing, First two bytes are missing and third and fourth content able to read, next fifth and sixth content is miss...
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  • Using S25FL127S for SPI Flash u-boot

    We ran into an obsolescence issue on our product. Previously we were using Micron part N25Q128A13ESE40G but now we're using Cypress part S25FL127S. Our processor loaded up fine and it seemed like a perfect drop-in rep...
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    Hello! We are looking for Rthjc on S29JL064J (especifically on S29JL064J60TFA000). There is not any information regarding max junction temperature, thermal resistance case to ambient or junction or any thermal data on...
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  • Why Flash erase time out at address <address> at <data> in S29GL01GT while doing erasing

    Hi, S29GL01GT10TFI010 NOR Flash is used in our design. We were using a sector to write and read for about months. Now while trying to do erase using U-Boot erase command, particular address in that sector throws ...
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  • Cross Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL064S70TFI040

    I would like to cross Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL064S70TFI040.  This looks like a direct cross, same package, pin out.  Do you have an applications note for migrating from Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL...
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  • Do you have CY NOR flash cross reference for MICRON and MXIC NOR flash for replacement?

    Can you help me to find CY NOR flash which can replace below MICRON and MXIC parts? Please help to remark if CY parts can be the pin 2 pin replacement or any software migration job needed. VN    &#...
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  • I'm studying S25FS512S. I want to change the register CR3V [3] to 1. How can I operate it? Thank you.

    Hi   I learned S25FS512S on I.MXrt1060 platform, i.mxrt1060 used Flexspi controller to operate external nor flash, but I don't know if the value of S25FS512S register changed when using FlexSpi controller ...
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  • What's the difference betten S25FL129P0XBHIY00 and S25FL129P0XBHI200

    What's the difference betten S25FL129P0XBHIY00 and S25FL129P0XBHI200
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  • IS25WP256D-JLLE Cross

    Hi,  Does Cypress have a cross to the IS25WP256D-JLLE?  This is an extended temperature 1.8V Serial NOR Flash.  
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  • S29GL064N with VIO left open (not tied to the 3.3V)

    Hi everybody,   I have an interesting case where a TSOP56 case S29GL064N (Spansion/ Cypress) was found to have Pin29 left open (not brazed on the PWB). Pin 29 is "VIO" that powers the I/O buffers of the Flash m...
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  • Which are the available part numbers in S25FL series with different memory sizes?

    Need part numbers available with Cypress with following specifications:   1. Series: S25FL 2. Temperature: -40 to +125dC 3. Automotive Qualified 4. Package: 24-bal BGA 6 x 8 mm package 5. Model: 5 x 5 ball B...
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  • S29GL064N90FFIS20

    Can anyone tell me the difference between S29GL064N90FFIS20 and S29GL064N90FFI020
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  • Migration from S29GL512P to S29GL512S issue

    Hope this note find you all well in 2019.   As per Arrow FAE recommendation we used migration path Flash chips on our boards, but we are having some technical issues. I will really appreciate if you could pleas...
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  • Macronix MX66U2G45G Cross

    Hi, I am looking for a cross or equivalent to the Macronix MX66U2G45G with QSPI and 1.8V supply.
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  • S29AL016J- RY/BY# pin connected to GND

    Planning to use S29AL016J70TFI020 16Mbit flash in one of our existing product. The existing chip used on the board need pin 15 to be connected to GND. We need the new flash to be a complete drop-in with no hardware ch...
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  • Migrating to S29GL01GT from S29GL01GP

    Hai,   Recently We had migrated from S29GL01GP (SPANSION) Flash chip to S29GLO1GT (CYPRESS) Flash chip. We need to know whether we can use the same driver support which we had in S29GL01GP for S29GLO1GT or we ne...
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  • Altera/Intel EPCQ256SI16N cross

    Hi, can you please cross this Altera/Intel part number to a Cypress P/N? EPCQ256SI16N thanks
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  • Is the S25FL064LIF compatible with the S25FL064PIF?

    I have a design with an S25FL064PIF connected to an Intel WGI210ITSLJXT network controller.   A new batch contains the S25FL064LIF. These do not work.   Is the S25FL064LIF compatible with the S25FL064PIF? ...
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