Hello! We are looking for Rthjc on S29JL064J (especifically on S29JL064J60TFA000). There is not any information regarding max junction temperature, thermal resistance case to ambient or junction or any thermal data on...
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  • Linux patch for S70GL02GS

    Hi, We have received a linux patch file “linux-3.14.27-s70gl02gs.patch.zip” from BushraH_91 on Aug 7, 2019 3:10 PM in the below discussion.   https://community.cypress.com/thread/48218?start=0&t...
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  • Why Flash erase time out at address <address> at <data> in S29GL01GT while doing erasing

    Hi, S29GL01GT10TFI010 NOR Flash is used in our design. We were using a sector to write and read for about months. Now while trying to do erase using U-Boot erase command, particular address in that sector throws ...
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  • S25FL256L is it possible to write single register i mean single write and read

    Hi,    In S25FL256L is it possible to write single register ,I mean single write and read. Have some issues sector erase and page write   Regards, Vignesh.V
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  • Cross Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL064S70TFI040

    I would like to cross Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL064S70TFI040.  This looks like a direct cross, same package, pin out.  Do you have an applications note for migrating from Micron M28W640HCB70N6E to S29GL...
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  • Unknown flash on Bank 1 - Size = 0x00000000 = 0 MB

    Hi,   We are using S70GL02GS in our product.  With the old u-boot version U-Boot SPL 2013.10 (Aug 05 2019 - 23:00:56) we are able to bring up the board and everything is fine.   We are porting the cod...
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  • FLASH Part Cypress S29JL032J In-System Sector Protect Programming

    We employ Cypress flash device P/N S29JL032J70TFI310 in our product design. There is application code residing in the bottom-most sector SA0 (0x0000) of the subject device that needs to be protected from inadvertent e...
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  • S28HS512TGABHM010 封装尺寸图

    Hi.cypress 对于S28HS512TGABHM010 datasheet, 并没有发现相关的器件的尺寸图(包括top view,  side bottom and so on)请帮忙提供一下:客户需要它来做PCB库,他们也从其他地方找了下相关的尺寸图,是否可用?   thanks flance fang
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  • When is "poll" test setup timing of AC Chracteristics applicable for S29GL01GT?

    Hi,   S29GL01GT datasheet (002-00247 Rev. *L) gives at §11.4 "AC Characteristics" the timing to follow. Under "Test Setup" column of Tables 42 to 47, the timing is different when in Read or Poll (e.g. for "...
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  • I want to Change S25F064L Flash to S70FL01GS Flash on  LPC178 controller??

    Hello developers Good "Afternoon"..... I want to Change S25F064L Flash to S70FL01GS Flash on  LPC178 controller.   Please help me how can i replace S25F064L  flash to S70FL01GS flash because S70FL01GS...
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  • S70GL02GS Need software to read ECC code on per page basis.

    Hi,   We are using device: S70GL02GS in our design and need software to read ECC status code from specified pages on memory. Please redirect us to the existing driver code to do so.   Flash memory memory m...
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  • Do you have CY NOR flash cross reference for MICRON and MXIC NOR flash for replacement?

    Can you help me to find CY NOR flash which can replace below MICRON and MXIC parts? Please help to remark if CY parts can be the pin 2 pin replacement or any software migration job needed. VN    &#...
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  • Is there Faster EMIF NOR FLASH , we are currently using EMIF interface S29GL256S10DHV020 ( 100ns Read )

    We are looking for Higher speed 5ns to 10ns Read Cycle , EMIF interface NOR FLASH . With same foot print as S29GL256S10DHV020 Is there Faster EMIF NOR FLASH , we are currently using EMIF interface S29GL256S10DHV020 (...
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  • I'm studying S25FS512S. I want to change the register CR3V [3] to 1. How can I operate it? Thank you.

    Hi   I learned S25FS512S on I.MXrt1060 platform, i.mxrt1060 used Flexspi controller to operate external nor flash, but I don't know if the value of S25FS512S register changed when using FlexSpi controller ...
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  • NOR FLASH NC pins

    S29GL064S NOR Flash Pins 1 ,2 & 56 are NC as per datasheet. I'm using this as a replacement part...Would the device response would change if toggling signal is applied to this three NC pins? I need this informatio...
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  • Which is faster for programming, S29JL064J or S29GL064N?

    Hi everyone, I am implementing a FLASH into my project and I am trying to choose one out of these two Cypress products - the S29GL064N or the S29JL064J.   The S29JL064J has 55ns cycle time, whereas the S29GL064N...
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  • Suffix "E" (S29AL016J70BFI010E)

    Hello All,   Please tell me. What means this Suffix "E"?   1. S29AL016J70BFI010     ↓ 2. S29AL016J70BFI010E   COO of No.1 is Thailand.   Which Country is COO of No.2 ?   Bes...
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  • simulation result without s25fs128s  timing information

    we using the Flexspi to access s25fs128s model and using read command 0x3. but the model i/o signal without timing information even I load the SDF file _verilog.sdf. the file is download from cypress website. currentl...
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  • Source code for programming Parallel NOR Flash (S29GL01GS, S29GL256S)

    I am using  Parallel NOR Flash (S29GL01GS, S29GL256S)  in one of my project and I need the source code and driver files and also the header file .
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  • 如何修复S25FL127SABMFI100 status Register D8h_0 bit

    Hi.cypress 客户使用S25FL127SABMFI100,误操作将状态寄存器 SR2的最高位 D8h_0设置成1,按照数据手册描述,该位是OTP,是否有办法可以将该bit 复原到出厂默认值吗?
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