• S29JL064H Timing error: tGHVL hold violatin

    Hi there, While I am using Cypress S29JL064H Verilog simulation model to do behavioral simulation, the sim log gives a weird timing Error:   # ** Error: ../vrf/S29jl064h/model/s29jl064h.v(1161): $hold( posedge ...
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  • NOR Flash Sector Erase command sequence and Polling DQ3

    Hi there, About the DQ3 (Sector Erase Timer) bit, I have a few questions:   1, Based on my understanding of Cypress datasheets, DQ3 is used when we need to erase TWO OR MORE sectors in a single Sector Erase Com...
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  • Can I use S29JL064J's Verilog simulation model for S29JL064H ?

    Hi there, From Cypress simulation model page (https://www.cypress.com/simulation-models), I CANNOT find the Verilog model of S29JL064H; I can only find S29jl064j's Verilog model.   I know 064H is an older chip...
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  • PNOR Flash Data retantionについて教えてください

    Migration評価にあたり、以下、ご教示のほどお願い致します。   現行:S29GL512P10FFCR20 → 今後:S29GL512T10DHI020     (1)代替品(S29GL512T10DHI020)の仕様書には以下の記載がありますが    現行品(S29GL512P10FFCR20)の仕様書には記載がありません。    現行品の仕様を教えて下さい。 (2)デー...
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  • S29GL512Pのイレーズ中のデータリードについて

    御担当者様   既に生産中止になっておりますが、S29GL512Pに対する問い合わせをさせていただきます。   対象データシート https://www.cypress.com/file/219926/download   上記データシートのページにイレース処理中データリードを行う場合は サスペンドコマンドを発行する必要があると考えております。   イレース中のセクターに対し...
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  • S29JL064J

    I am using the S29JL064J and are seeing intermittent write behavior.  We have three devices, two have undershoot on the WE and OE pins around -1.2V for ~ 20ns.  For these two we see about a 90% and 10% write...
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  • S29GL128S90FHI010 不能擦除

    S29GL128S90FHI010 不能擦除,可以缓冲编程写全0,读出来全0。但是不能擦除,给的擦除命令之后,状态寄存器0X00并且RY引脚为低,经过几百微妙状态寄存器为0X80并且RY引脚变高,读出来还是全0,感觉是执行了擦除命令而未改变阵列数据。命令参照datesheet中命令页的表格执行。还有S29GL256S、S29GL512S、S29GL01GS都遇到这个难题。有人见过并解决了吗?
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  • Is there an difference between S29PL127J70BFI04x and S29PL127J70BFI00x parts?

    Is there any difference other than the part number between S29PL127J70BFI040 and S29PL127J70BFI000?   Cypress has EOL'd the 00 Model Number from the S29PL-J line of 110nm Parallel NOR Flash parts. The 04 Model ...
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  • FIT rate and Finish for S29GL512T10FHI010

    Can you please provide me the FIT rate and Finish for S29GL512T10FHI010.
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  • how to s29gl512T buffer programming

    Hello :      now my mcu is  stm32f407 use s29gl512T as external storage, and reference datasheet   my code is   NOR_Status FSMC_NOR_ProgramBuffer(uint16_t* pBuffer, uint32_t Wri...
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  • S26KL256SDABHI020单体重量

    Hi. cypress   In official web, I can't find this PN S26KL256SDABHI020(Package Weight, https://www.cypress.com/part/s26kl256sdabhi020 )单体重量(mgs), would you help to check and tell me?   thanks flance fang
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  • Is there any migradtion guide for S29GL01GS11TFI010 replacing JS28F00AP33TF?

    Hi Our customer wants to use S29GL01GS11TFI010 to replace JS28F00AP33TF in their design, they already had co-layout for this two difference pin-out NOR flash. According to cross-reference guide which CY provided, it s...
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  • S29GL128S10TFI010   ESD and  MSL level need

    客户目前评估NOR+SRAM , 型号如下S29GL128S10TFI010 和CY7C1051DV33-10ZSXIT     Datasheet中并没有标注, 可以通过何种途径方法可以确认到他们的ESD和MSL等级呢? 谢谢!!
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  • Fit rate of S29GL064S

    Please provide the value of S29GL064S SER (Fit rate). - Alpha Static SER - Newtron SER  
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  • FG PNOR Bit化けについて

    御教示いただけますでしょうか?   MPN:S29AL016J70TFI020   過去より、4~5年採用しておりますが、 bit化けが多数発生しています。 フラッシュに電荷をチャージする方法はreadでも可能でしょうか?   宜しくお願い致します。
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  • Does RY/BY# work if trying to program twice?

    Dear I'm using NOR flash S29JL064H. Does RY/BY# work if trying to program the same address twice without erase? In normal case RY/BY# will change from low to high when the program completed but I'm not sure about...
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  • Finding pin to pin replacement for below parts

    Hi, Could you please help to provide the CY part number for replacing the below parts? Please advise the closest part number if no fully compatible option. MX25L12835FM2I-10G MX25L25635FMI-10G MX68GL1G0FUT2I-12G Thank...
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  • S28HS512TGABHB Device Qualification Report

    Hi.cypress   I can't find the PN S28HS512TGABHB Device Qualification Report, whether do you provide it Qualification Report?   thanks flance fang
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  • S29GL512T10TFI020/ECC機能の挙動について

    S29GL512T10TFI020のECC機能の挙動について質問があります。   S29GL512T10TFI020搭載基板でECCの挙動について以下確認を行いました。   【確認内容】 ①フラッシュの先頭から128KB分イレース ②フラッシュの先頭から2byteだけWord Writeで書き込み ③ECCステータスをリード→0:ECC有効   内蔵ECC機能は下記動作の場合、無効とな...
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  • Can S29AL016J be replaced with S29AS016J?

    I'm looking to replace the S29AL016J (3V) NOR Flash with the S29AS016J (1.8V) part. Are there any constraints/issues/incompatibilities with that (R/W time,delays, etc.), that I need to be aware of? Thanks!
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