• CY15B104Q device structure

    Hi,  Would like to know more about the device structure of CY15B104Q F-RAM. Is it a 2 die or single die IC? What process is used for the die/dies ? (e.g. TI's 130nm , IBM 180nm , etc. ) Is it structurally si...
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  • FRAM corruption

    We are using a CY15B102Q-SXE connected to the SPI bus of a Texas Instruments SM320F2812PGFMEP in an aerospace project.   Sometimes on startup, when verifying the memory content there are zeroes and sometimes a f...
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  • More info on FM33256B

    Hi,   From the datasheet, it indicated that FM33256B is logically separated between its FRAM and Integrated Processor Companion portion. Anyone knows if the silicon die inside is separated too ? i.e. 2 silicon ...
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  • Is there a preferred landmark design available for the 8-pin GQFN of the Excelon LP F-RAM?

    Is there a preferred landmark design available for the 8-pin GQFN of the Excelon LP F-RAM?
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  • FM22L16-55-TG のメモリプロテクションが保存されない。

    FM22L16のマニュアルには、 ソフトウェアによるライトプロテクトが可能で、設定は不揮発性と記載がありました。   マニュアルに記載されているシーケンスを実行し、ライトプロテクトをかけることができましたが、 ライトプロテクト後、電源OFF、ONすると、 FRAM内のデータは、保持していましたが、ライトプロテクトが解除された状態になってしまいます。   シーケンス等、電源の落ち方など、ライトプロテクト...
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  • FM22L16-55-TG のメモリプロテクションの手順について

    前回メモリプロテクションが保存されないと質問させていただき、 無事、メモリプロテクションが保存されるようになりました。ご協力ありがとうございました。   再度メモリプロテクションに関して、いくつか質問があります。 1:メモリプロテクションの設定読み込み手順 8番目では   Figure 3.では、1AAAAhを読み込む。とありますが、Figure 4 Figure 5 では3AAAAhを読み込む。とあります。 ...
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  • Support for reading of Manufacturer ID and Device ID in I2C FRAM chips

    Hello Everybody, Does anybody know whether I2C FRAM FM24CL64B (and other I2C FRAM chips) support reading of Manufacturer ID and Device ID as it is described in NXP UM10204 I2C-bus specification and user manual, Rev...
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  • Parallel FRAM max CE low time

    Hello,   regarding parallel FRAM devices, I wonder if there is a specified maximum CE# low time.   To be specific, in the FM18W08 device datasheet the following statement can be found (Pg4, Pre-Charge Oper...
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  • The FM25V10-DGTR (IC FRAM 1M 25nS DFN-8P SMD) PAD dimension for layout .

    Hi Cypress   Can you suggest the FM25V10-DGTR (IC FRAM 1M 25nS DFN-8P SMD) pad outline and dimension for PCB layout ,Thank!!
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  • Recommendation of land pattern in FM24CL16B-DGTR

    I want to know the recommended land pattern for FM24CL16B-DGTR.   KBA225416 has the recommended land pattern for 8pin-DFN. Land Pattern Recommendations for Commonly Used Cypress Packages – KBA225416 ...
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  • Upcoming Webinar: Reliable & High-Performance Memories, MCUs, Wireless for Factory Automation

    Check out this upcoming webinar from our partner, Arrow Electronics!   Advances in factory automation are requiring more from devices. Factories are integrating more functionality such as enhanced process cont...
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  • FM25W256 address problem

    We have been using the FM25W256 for a while and we recently noticed that on some boards some of the memory addresses cannot be accessed properly. We are using SPI mode 0 at 5MHz clock.   For example if I try to...
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  • FM25CL64B linux driver

    Dear Cypress team.   I am looking for linux driver for this device. Which driver is compatible for this? I have kernel 4.9.124 and IMX6 platform.   Thank you. Best regards.   Paul Guillén
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  • FM24C16B-G : SCL tLOW characteristics

    Hi,   We would like to confirm for SCL tLOW characteristics of FM24C16B-G.   The datasheet lists the minimum value of tLOW but not the maximum value.   For example, when using 100kbps, One clock cycl...
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  • FM28V202AのFigure 11. Write Cycle Timing 1 (WE Controlled)の説明について

    Write Cycle Timing なのにどうしてDoutのタイミングが表示されているのでしょうか?
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  • FRAMのTPC(プリチャージ)時間

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  • FM25W256-G Power dissipation required

    Hi, We are using "FM25W256-G" in our design.We require power dissipation of this ic under typ,min and max conditions for thermal analysis.Also require "RθJB-Thermal resistance between Junction to Board" which i...
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  • CY14B101LA-SP25XI external pull-up resistor on HSBn

    AN6023 speaks about a pull-up to VCAP, AN43380 speaks about a pull-up to VCC, so ? AN43380 recommendes HSBn configuration with an external pull-up resistor between 5.6 kΩ and 10 kΩ to Vcc. Our design is wit...
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  • Can't find CY15B128Q-SXE datasheet

    Base on Cypress website link as below. https://www.cypress.com/part/cy15b128q-sxe The datasheet only show CY15B128Q-SXA Please help check to provide correct datasheet. Thanks, Mitchell
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  • Finding  a replacement for MB85RS128TYPNF-GS-BCERE1 (FRAM)

    Finding a replacement for MB85RS128TYPNF-GS-BCERE1 (FRAM), Does any CYPRESS parts suggest to replace it?
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