• datasheet of CY15V104QSN-108SXI

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  • FRAM是否有数据被改写或丟失的可能

    我想咨询的是关于FRAM 1.在上下电期间是否会存在数据被无故改写的风险 2.在读取FRAM期间如果电源质量不好是否也有改写数据的风险
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  • FM22L16-55-TG のメモリプロテクションが保存されない。

    FM22L16のマニュアルには、 ソフトウェアによるライトプロテクトが可能で、設定は不揮発性と記載がありました。   マニュアルに記載されているシーケンスを実行し、ライトプロテクトをかけることができましたが、 ライトプロテクト後、電源OFF、ONすると、 FRAM内のデータは、保持していましたが、ライトプロテクトが解除された状態になってしまいます。   シーケンス等、電源の落ち方など、ライトプロテクト...
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  • CY14B064PA-SFXI スペックについて

    御担当者様   対象型格:CY14B064PA-SFXI   ①RTC機能について,HW設定で無効化してnvSRAMの機能だけを使用する事は可能か?  (ソフトウエアで内部のレジスタ制御する事なくPullUP/Down抵抗,もしくはOpenで  ハードウエア的に設定できるか)   ②RTC機能のために32,768khzの水晶発振器が必要なようだが,無しでもnvSRAMの機能  を使用するこ...
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  • PIN192201 - Discontinuation of HOLD Pin Operation on FM25V20A Products

    --<質問>*------------------------------- HOLDピンの接続についてですが、データシートから 今までのHOLDピンはDNCピンとなり、未接続またはVDDへ接続 と書かれております。   ところが、弊社のFM25V20Aシリーズ使用回路の中に、 ICの出力に接続されている回路があり、 電源投入時僅かな時間ですが「L」レベルになることがあります。   こういった回路...
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  • write partition(s) to F-RAM fm25v01a-g

    Hello folks,   I am currently working on an embedded linux module based on Raspbian mounting on-board the F-RAM in the object :   https://www.cypress.com/part/fm25v01a-g   So as suggested here : ...
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  • Actual latchup current limit of CY15B102QN?

    Hi,   We consider to use your product CY15B102QN in our projects. At this situation, we want to prevent this IC from latchup. At the datasheet, latchup current threshold is written as higher than 100 mA. Is ther...
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  • Truncated Marketing Part Number on FRAM DFN marking

    We know Cypress marking format are Truncated Marketing Part Number on FRAM DFN package. But did you have mapping table to let us know what's initial for what's parts number? We get FM25V10-DG Truncated marking part ...
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  • 关于FM24CL16B数据丢失(错误)的问题

    一款产品上使用FM24CL16B,在启动或关闭机器时刻,如果开关抖动多次的情况就可能会出现数据错误的现象,但是存储单元还是好的可以再读写,仅仅是原来存储的数据丢失了。开关抖动可能引起较强的电磁干扰,我怀疑是强烈的电磁干扰导致FRAM内部数据被改变。 问题如下: 1.我所怀疑的 “电磁干扰是导致FRAM内的数据被损坏的真正原因” 是否正确?或者是有其他什么原因会导致数据丢失? 2.你们的其他客户是否遇到...
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  • FRAM memory with a unique read-only ID

    Hello!   I'm interested in 16Kbit FRAM with its own unique read-only ID. Detailed information and questions are described in the attached document. What device can you suggest based on the requirements? ...
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  • RTC values not changing using FM3164

    Hi, I am using FM3164 for reading RTC. I interface the F-RAM with my controller(TM4C123) and able to read and write values in to the  Time registers. I2C communication is working properly. I have connected the 3...
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  • FM25V01A: follow up to the now locked https://community.cypress.com/message/183373#183373

    This is a follow up to: https://community.cypress.com/message/183373#183373   That discussion is locked now, no doubt because I disappeared. I'm back to being able to work on the problem again.   In that...
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  • SOIC-8 208MIL 封装的铁电的卷带包装宽度参数

    Dears,   请帮忙提供一下:SOIC-8 208MIL 封装的铁电的卷带包装宽度参数,多谢!
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  • FM25CL64B-G: Block protection bits BP1 and/or BP0 set randomly after write

    Hi,   we are having issues with BP1 and/or BP0 being set seemingly random after a write to the FRAM occured. We have one board design with said FRAM chip and it occures on all of the tested boards to date (aroun...
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  • CY7C1061AV33-10ZI part marking

    HI dear friends,   Pls advise what  are the differences between "10ZI" and "10ZXI" parts. Are the "10ZI" parts not Pb-free? But there is square mark (Pb-Free mark) on the parts. Or is it normal?  Pl...
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  • Minimum Chip deselect time TCS

    I'm working with CY15B116QSN device using 002-26981 preliminary datasheet. I've developed a VHDL FRAM access engine and now i'm simulating the FRAM behaviour. I'm using QSPI access @ 67,5MHz.     In the t...
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  • Publish growth pin diagram for 54 TSOP II SRAM package

    Can Cypress provide the projected maximum density pin connections for memory packages to allow customers to attach higher density parts? Higher density parts may be required when customers run out of memory or if the ...
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  • Top marking conformation

    Hello   Can anyone confirm if the top markings of this component are correct for the component. top marking documents are not helping us to identify it is the correct part.   Part  CY15B104QI-20LPXCES...
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  • CY14B116N-ZSP45XITのAutostore/Hardware RECALLの挙動について

    Autostore: VCC < VswitchとなりStore処理が開始されたとき、 ・Store処理が完了する前に、VCC > Vswitchとなった場合の内部挙動はどうなりますか。  また、SRAMとnonvolatile elementのデータは壊れてしまいますか。   Hardware RECALL: ・VCC > Vswitchとなり、RECALL処理が開始されたとき、   t...
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  • SPI communication between CY15B104Q-LHXI and PIC16LF18446 - Need help

    Hello, I would like some help to set up or correct my SPI communication. I've been looking for two days now and trying to make changes in vain and I don't know if the problem is in the pin configuration or in the SP...
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