Excelon™, Cypress’ next-generation Ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM), delivers industry’s highest-performance mission-critical non-volatile memory by combining high-speed low-pin-count interfaces, low-power operation, unlimited read/write cycle endurance and instant non-volatility. This makes Excelon the highest-reliability data-logging memory for smart connected factories and the automobiles of tomorrow. Please find additional details here.

The Excelon™ Ultra is a 4-Mbit, 108-MHz Quad SPI F-RAM that supports a rich command set making it compatible with the industry standard Quad SPI peripheral command set. With the industry moving towards low pin count interfaces, a wide variety of micro-controllers have started supporting Quad SPI interface natively. To enable the evaluation of our latest Quad SPI F-RAM in conjunction with industry standard platforms, we will be providing simple driver support for a few of these platforms through Cypress Community. These drivers can be used as-is or with minor modification by embedded systems engineers to get a headstart in adding a high-speed, low-power data-logging memory in the system.


The attached files contain a user guide for the code, a sample test project in Keil µVision 5 and LPCExpresso. The sample project contains revision 1.0 of API library files  which covers all the important device access features. We will be adding support to more commands for the F-RAM in next revision of API library.