• Kernel dump?

    After some time of operation, I get what seems like a kernel dump in the form of vendor-specific events.   Unfortunately, I have no idea, why that happens and how to decode it. Can anyone help me with this? Is ...
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  • CYW4343W Bluetooth Test Mode for FCC Certification (Android8 OS)

    Dear I am using CYW4343W (Murata LBEE5KL1DX) in our IMX6 Android8 platform. For FCC Certification we must be able to generate a Carrier into specific Channel or an Continuous Transmission.   Using WL commands...
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  • 1MW wifi with imx6ul error - HT Avail timeout (1000000): clkctl 0x50

    Hello Everyone,   My company has made a custom board based on imx6ul for EFTPOS applications. We are using 1MW module in our product. Our interface is SDIO based. Schematic is as below.       ...
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  • BCM43438启动问题

    大家好,我使用BCM43438并创建了dts,但是在WL_REG_ON上遇到了困难。 当我设置为GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW,却不能正常启动,设置为HIGH却能启动内部稳压器,这真的太奇怪了,我想知道这个到底是为什么啊?
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  • CYW43438 Compliance Mode

    Hi there,   I am currently developing a Raspberry-Pi based product, which is using BLE (no Wifi). We need to CE-certify this product. In order to do that, I need to be able to activate the direct test mode on t...
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  • PI 3B+: Using Protected Management Frame in AP not working

    On running PI3B+ with Linux kernel 4.14.y as an AP (using wlan0), if protected management frame is enabled in the hostapd (ver : 2.9) with configurations as follow, the clients are not getting connected : wpa=2 ieee...
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  • kernel warning when running iperf3 UDP test on CYBT-483039-EVAL

    Hi all,   Evaluating the CYBT-483039-02 module for use in a new design, I have the CYBT-483039-EVAL board plugged into a TI Beagleboard X-15 (running a minimally customized Yocto Warrior OS to add necessary Blue...
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  • How to configure raspberry pi 3b+ as a repeater in OpenWrt

    Hi,   I want to make a wireless-repeater with a RPI3B+.   i could configure the RPI in client mode ( so the RPI connects to an AP), and also i succeeded to configure it as an AP bridged to the eth0. But w...
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  • a2dp offload

    Hello . I wonder if Cypress  provide support for a2dp offload feature in Android  . The BT chip is 43455 . For now we use default configuration and sound transmitted to BT chip by UART . However audio is sli...
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  • 43362 as softap spectrum transmission signal

    hi,we are use 43362 as softap,Test transmitting signal,This is shown below: In nvram, maxp2ga0=74,softap channel is 1(2412MHz) 2.After observation for a period of time, abnormal waveform was found to be generated,...
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  • wifi chipset calibration current ??

    Is the calibration current documented anywhere ?? We see periodic ~20ms 600mA calibration current for BCM43353 and BCM4343W. Does not seem to be documented in the chipset datasheet ...   600mA for 20ms is a prob...
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  • swctrlmap_2g OR swctrlmap_5g

    DEAR swctrlmap_2g 0x00400040, 0x00030001, 0x00010001, 0x40301, 0x1ff   What do they mean?
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  • Upcoming Webinar: Effortless wireless: Plug & Play connectivity for IoT

    The challenge of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth integration and certification just got a whole lot easier. Join this webinar to find out how Murata and NXP have collaborated with Embedded Artists to simplify the process. You will le...
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  • warp7 board FMAC support

    I have a client using the warp7 board with murata 1DX module with Cypress/CYW4343W. https://www.element14.com/community/community/designcenter/single-board-computers/warp7   Is this supported with the latest F...
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  • 如何修改CYW4354的txpower

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  • BCM43438 crystal not start

    Hello everyone, when I designed the board using the BCM43438, I started the WL_REG_ON this pin and thought that the chip should have worked properly and that the measurement of each voltage was correct. But when I mea...
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  • How to look at debug log

    Hi,   This question is related to the following discussion. Advance notification on WLAN IC / FMAC driver hangup?   To output debug log, I suppose I have to define DEBUG and enable the definition of real...
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  • FMAC Linux driver 2019-05-03 release removed

    Hello,   I am in the process of upgrading to the 2019-05-03 release of the FMAC driver and I noticed today that this release is no longer available in the community site and that 2019-10-31 is now available. ...
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  • Can't able to scan and connect ch no 13 in 2.4Ghz wifi module

    Hi All,   We are working on NXP's imx8mq processor-based custom design. We have interfaced with the Murata's LBEE5HY1MW-230 module through the SDIO interface. We used the 4.14 Linux distro for our development. ...
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  • How to use CYW43455 SDIO interface in iMX7 Linux

    Hi Experts, We have purchased couple of CYW43455  modules and mounted on iMX7d 1GB board. I use Linux given by Toradex. By default SDIO is not enabled and I don't see the WiFi up.   Could you please help ...
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