• BCM4339 how to check function2 enable fail problem

    Hi all,   I have tried to porting BCM4339 WiFi driver on my RTOS, but suffered enable SDIO function 2 problem. After setting SDIOD_CCCR_IOEN to 0x06, polling SDIOD_CCCR_IORDY value is 0x02, not 0x06. How can I...
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  • what is difference between Linux Bluetooth stack BSA vs the WICED Bluetooth stack ?

    are they two different Bluetooth stacks one for Linux and another for WICED ? or both Linux and WICED are using same stack BSA ?
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  • CYW4343W  simultaneously in AP and STA using 'wl' utility

    Hi, We are trying to use the Murata 1DX module as a Wi-Fi repeater. Is it possible to configure the CYW4343W  to act simultaneously as STA and AP using the 'wl' utility? If yes - what is the example configurat...
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  • CYW4343W : Radio test mode

    Hello,   Is there any mean to configure CYW4343W chipset to transmit permanently on a given frequency?   Regards   Baptiste Moraine
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  • Check regulatory limit using curpower cmd : cmd failed

    Hi Sir,   I was testing wl cmd,there were some error,please help to check,my cmd as below:   wl mpc 0 wl up wl band b wl channel 1 wl curpower Error: read ppr board limit failed   Chip number:cy...
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  • 89359 Linux: regdb vs. CLM

    Hi Normally, in Linux systems, country specific frequency-band and power settings are defined and handled via regdb. The 89359 brakepad driver uses a CLM blob to define band and power settings. How is the relation o...
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  • configuration Hostapd

    I'm used i.MX6UltraLite EVK with Murata 1mw module   I need to enable interworking tag(107) in Access Point, I have setup a configuration for hostapd that provide it but it is does not show up when i am scanning...
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  • How to adjust PA parameters for CYW43340

    hello: cyw43340 OTP document is as follows:       1.What are the meanings of pa0b0,pa0b1 and pa0b2 respectively, and what are the validity of their respective parameters ? How should we adjust the ...
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  • Receiving sensitivity calculation method

    hello:   I am testing the receiving sensitivity in non-signaling mode. How to calculate the bit error rate according to the returned information,as follow:     I think there is no problem with the t...
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  • Emission power discussion

    hello cyw43340  Tx power can be adjusted,I have the following questions:   Refer to otp document: maxp2ga0=0x46,max output power is 17.5dbm,the nominal power is 17.5 – 1.0 = 16.5 dBm.   What i...
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  • Meaning of edonthd & edoffthd parameters

    hello: In the following two paths for wiced 6.4: paths 1:43xxx_wifi/platforms/BCM943340WCD1/wifi_nvram.h paths 2:43xxx_wifi/platforms/BCM943362WCD4/wifi_nvram.h   The following two parameters are different: ...
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  • MFG firmwave Carrier Wave TEST not success

    hello: I'm testing it for Carrier Wave on CYW43438,With reference to the document by   WICED-MFG202-R.pdf   in stutio 6.4   As instructed, I should enter the following instructions: wl<...
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  • BCM4354 test mode for FCC certification

    I'm looking to FCC certify a Nvidia Jetson TX2 product which uses the BCM4354 module. It appears that in order to put the module into continuous transmission mode, I require the "wl" utility. Unfortunately, the SDK th...
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  • Software/driver access to TSF on CYW43455 (Raspberry PI 3B)

    It seems that the Hardware TSF implemented by WiFi controllers is a useful source of a synchronized time datum across the devices connected to a single WiFi network.   I see that this question hardware timestamp...
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  • Required Commands for ETIS certification for BCM43455 Module

    Hi,   We require your help for below commands to run for our Module certification.   WiFi: Packet Error Rate Calculation in Rx Blocking Mode Test   BT: Change Data Pattern: Require to send customiz...
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  • brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt missing in released driver

    Hello,   I have ported the last release of FMAC drivers into my IMX8MQ board following the instructions on the related README. The CYW43455 WiFi module is interfaced to the IMX8 through a SDIO.   When th...
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  • Bluetooth drivers for CYW43455

    Hello to everybody,   what are the kernel drivers to be used for CYW43455 (for IMX8MQ) ?   I've downloaded FMAC, but it seems to patch only Wireless LAN drivers.   Thanks
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  • CYW4343X "mfgtest" firmware

    Hi,   I'm attempting to get a module using the CYW4343SKUBG configured for regulatory testing using the "wl" utility. I believe the CYW4343SKUBG is considered the 43430A0.   When I attempt to start a conti...
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  • module assigned address (1DX)

    Hi   I use 1DX(CYW4343W) module which is included BD MAC Address by Murata. But all board indicate 43:43:A1:12:1F:AC of the MAC. I found same case, but the solution is How to set the arbitrary address. <ht...
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  • Bluetooth Controller Stack, Declaration ID (CYW4343W)

    I need Declaration ID of Controller Stack for Bluetooth certification. How do I get it ? I have Module's ID and Host Stack's ID, but I cannot find Controller Stack.   Our design is: Module:Murata 1DX(CYW4343...
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