• CYW43455 Blue tooth HCI command for Modulated RX

    Hi Cypress   We use CYW43455 for Linux OS . I sent the BT modulated HCI command as below , but It don't have any respond after send 1DH5 waveform by IQxel ( Whether need a reading counter command . ) , Can you t...
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  • kernel warning when running iperf3 UDP test on CYBT-483039-EVAL

    Hi all,   Evaluating the CYBT-483039-02 module for use in a new design, I have the CYBT-483039-EVAL board plugged into a TI Beagleboard X-15 (running a minimally customized Yocto Warrior OS to add necessary Blue...
    created by AlHi_4466391
  • CYW4343W: No answer after toggling WL_REG_ON on SDIO

    Hello,   we have a custom TI OMAP3 based Linux 4.9.x setup. We a running in a problem where the CYW4343W dosn't answer over SDIO after setting WL_REG_ON to low and again high. The only way to re-enable the CYW43...
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  • WiFI SAR TEST: wl nrate -m 7 -s 0. Return: 'Not in Range'

    Hello.   I am using WL tool for preparing WiFi Software Test for SAR. Device is CYW43340 / BCM43340.   We have wl tool compatible with our device and Firmware Test obtained from Cypress: $ wl ver  ...
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  • 43362 as softap spectrum transmission signal

    hi,we are use 43362 as softap,Test transmitting signal,This is shown below: In nvram, maxp2ga0=74,softap channel is 1(2412MHz) 2.After observation for a period of time, abnormal waveform was found to be generated,...
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  • cyw43455 module, linux, cannot connect to certain router

    We are using ap6255 (cyw43455) in our product, which is a NAS device. We call it a pocket drive.   The device is based on Rockchip RK3328 arm soc, with ap6255 as the wifi module, running latest Debian on mainlin...
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  • Redistribute Cypress brcmfmac firmwares

    Hello all,   I would like to know if it's legally possible to create a repository like the following one: GitHub - Noltari/cypress-firmware (Possibly moved to github.com/openwrt)   The idea is to use tho...
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  • linux driver for bcm43438 chip

    Recently,i just deal with a project with bcm43438 chip and i want to use it in linux kernel 3.18+,i cant find the suitable driver for the chip, does someone have idea about it?@hihyc_1175151@ScKe_1713761
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  • bcm43430_a1

    Hi..   i'm use cypress backport driver brcmfmac and firmware (from 05.19) with my kernel (3.10 on samsung a310f) and lineage 7.1 (nogat) With some kernel editing - now wifi working good but i'm have only 1 prob...
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  • HCI Timeout with CYW43340 on linux 4.14 with Bluez5 stack

    Hello all,   We are working with the CYW43340 on the Inventek ISM43340. I have the HCI interface up and running with my host and everything seems to work fine in that regard.   However, there is a strange ...
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  • CYW43340: FCC Wi-Fi test. wl tool. Return 'wl: Unsupported'

    Hello.   We are trying to prepare Wi-Fi software test for the reference lab to certificate our device. Our Communication Module uses a CYW43340 Cypress Module. We have 'wl' tool already installed and operative...
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  • wl curpower Error: read ppr board limit failed

    Hi Raktim,   By your wl tool,wl curpower error still happen. It's not a wiced project,so I can not find clm_blob ,only nvram attached. Please help to check.     Thanks, Leo
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  • BCM43455 SDIO Test mode wifi with wl

    Hello,   I want to enable some radio test mode with BCM43455 integrated into Ampak AP6355SD. The BCM43455 use SDIO bus. My board operate with Ubuntu 19.04 Linux 5.0.0-25-generic   Following your document...
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  • BCM4354 does not support 5G channels-149,153,157,161,165

    Hi,cypress.i am using bcm4353 in the Jetson TX2,and found that the bcm4353 does not support 5g channels 149,153,57,161,165.Can cypress solve this problem,or have other firmware support these channels?
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  • CYW43455 firmware crash after data transfer

    Hi All,   We are currently testing CYW43455 chip and are seeing a firmware crash based on the prints. Here is the excerpt from the log that we are interested in: [2019-07-02 12:45:30.959] [58883.250000] brcmfma...
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  • Android BLE Advertising support for CY43353

    Hi,   We receive multiple customer complaints regarding lack of BLE Advertising support in Android 8.1 and 9.0 Our product uses Laird Sterling LWB5 module based on Cypress CY43353 chipset. BLE Advertising works...
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  • regulatory setting for linux wifi drivers

    Hi chi-hsienl_21,     I checked the latest cypress-fmac-v4.14.77-2019_0503.       I am using raspberry bi 3b+ with CYW43455, and encountered some wifi 5g channel problems.  ...
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  • BCM4339 how to check function2 enable fail problem

    Hi all,   I have tried to porting BCM4339 WiFi driver on my RTOS, but suffered enable SDIO function 2 problem. After setting SDIOD_CCCR_IOEN to 0x06, polling SDIOD_CCCR_IORDY value is 0x02, not 0x06. How can I...
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  • what is difference between Linux Bluetooth stack BSA vs the WICED Bluetooth stack ?

    are they two different Bluetooth stacks one for Linux and another for WICED ? or both Linux and WICED are using same stack BSA ?
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  • CYW4343W  simultaneously in AP and STA using 'wl' utility

    Hi, We are trying to use the Murata 1DX module as a Wi-Fi repeater. Is it possible to configure the CYW4343W  to act simultaneously as STA and AP using the 'wl' utility? If yes - what is the example configurat...
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