• Android BLE Advertising support for CY43353

    Hi,   We receive multiple customer complaints regarding lack of BLE Advertising support in Android 8.1 and 9.0 Our product uses Laird Sterling LWB5 module based on Cypress CY43353 chipset. BLE Advertising works...
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  • configuration Hostapd

    I'm used i.MX6UltraLite EVK with Murata 1mw module   I need to enable interworking tag(107) in Access Point, I have setup a configuration for hostapd that provide it but it is does not show up when i am scanning...
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  • Software/driver access to TSF on CYW43455 (Raspberry PI 3B)

    It seems that the Hardware TSF implemented by WiFi controllers is a useful source of a synchronized time datum across the devices connected to a single WiFi network.   I see that this question hardware timestamp...
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  • CYW43455 firmware crash after data transfer

    Hi All,   We are currently testing CYW43455 chip and are seeing a firmware crash based on the prints. Here is the excerpt from the log that we are interested in: [2019-07-02 12:45:30.959] [58883.250000] brcmfma...
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  • CYW4343W : Radio test mode

    Hello,   Is there any mean to configure CYW4343W chipset to transmit permanently on a given frequency?   Regards   Baptiste Moraine
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  • Required Commands for ETIS certification for BCM43455 Module

    Hi,   We require your help for below commands to run for our Module certification.   WiFi: Packet Error Rate Calculation in Rx Blocking Mode Test   BT: Change Data Pattern: Require to send customiz...
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  • brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt missing in released driver

    Hello,   I have ported the last release of FMAC drivers into my IMX8MQ board following the instructions on the related README. The CYW43455 WiFi module is interfaced to the IMX8 through a SDIO.   When th...
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  • Bluetooth drivers for CYW43455

    Hello to everybody,   what are the kernel drivers to be used for CYW43455 (for IMX8MQ) ?   I've downloaded FMAC, but it seems to patch only Wireless LAN drivers.   Thanks
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  • BCM4339 how to check function2 enable fail problem

    Hi all,   I have tried to porting BCM4339 WiFi driver on my RTOS, but suffered enable SDIO function 2 problem. After setting SDIOD_CCCR_IOEN to 0x06, polling SDIOD_CCCR_IORDY value is 0x02, not 0x06. How can I...
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  • CYW4343X "mfgtest" firmware

    Hi,   I'm attempting to get a module using the CYW4343SKUBG configured for regulatory testing using the "wl" utility. I believe the CYW4343SKUBG is considered the 43430A0.   When I attempt to start a conti...
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  • module assigned address (1DX)

    Hi   I use 1DX(CYW4343W) module which is included BD MAC Address by Murata. But all board indicate 43:43:A1:12:1F:AC of the MAC. I found same case, but the solution is How to set the arbitrary address. <ht...
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  • CYW4343W  simultaneously in AP and STA using 'wl' utility

    Hi, We are trying to use the Murata 1DX module as a Wi-Fi repeater. Is it possible to configure the CYW4343W  to act simultaneously as STA and AP using the 'wl' utility? If yes - what is the example configurat...
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  • Bluetooth Controller Stack, Declaration ID (CYW4343W)

    I need Declaration ID of Controller Stack for Bluetooth certification. How do I get it ? I have Module's ID and Host Stack's ID, but I cannot find Controller Stack.   Our design is: Module:Murata 1DX(CYW4343...
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  • CYW4343W HCI Vendor Specific Command to set BLE TX Power

    Hello,   I was reading the thread BLE tx output power control in HCI mode and tested the proposed HCI_VENDOR_SET_TX_PWR command (0x01A5) on a chipset based on CYW4343W. However, it seems such command is not reco...
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  • cyw4339 murata driver

    We now used cyw4339 and cyw43455, from murata, driver: https://github.com/murata-wireless/cyw-fmac/archive/cyw-fmac-imx-morty-manda_r1.0.tar.gz fw: GitHub - murata-wireless/cyw-fmac-fw nvram: GitHub - murata-wi...
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  • WiFi freezes in RPi3 B+ when using monitor mode (brcmfmac: brcmf_sdio_hostmail: Unknown mailbox data content: 0x40012)

    I'm running in to a problem in Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running Kali Linux where WiFi controller freezes while in monitor mode, with the following error code under dmesg:   brcmfmac: brcmf_sdio_hostmail: Unknown mailbo...
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  • Cannot bring up brcmfmac 43455 version 7.45.173 on Raspberry Pi3 +

    Hi,   I need to run brcmfmac 43455 version 7.45.173  on my raspberry PI 3+ as it supports WPA3, When I install brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin brcmfmac43455-sdio.clm_blob brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt on my box I get ...
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  • 89359 WiFi Driver for Linux Kernel 4.19

    Hello,   I recently moved from using Linux Kernel 4.14 to 4.19, but I'm not able to use the 89359 WiFi driver anymore since it is only compatible with 4.14. Is there a version of the driver that is compatible wi...
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  • how to set I2S/PCM parameter in CYW4356

    Hi Cypress,   We're debugging HFP audio with CYW4356(BT firmware: BCM4354A2.1CX.hcd) PCM interface under android 9, have some question need you clarify. 1. what's the default setting for bluetooth PCM of CYW435...
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  • CYW4343W and CYW43362 support features?

    Hi,   We have our custom boards with Linux 3.14 that use Murata SN8000(CYW43362) and 1DX (CYW4343W) Wi-Fi module. We are in the middle to upgrade our drivers with the 2019-05-08 Cypress FMAC packages.   Th...
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