• Can't able to scan and connect ch no 13 in 2.4Ghz wifi module

    Hi All,   We are working on NXP's imx8mq processor-based custom design. We have interfaced with the Murata's LBEE5HY1MW-230 module through the SDIO interface. We used the 4.14 Linux distro for our development. ...
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  • FMAC Linux driver 2019-05-03 release removed

    Hello,   I am in the process of upgrading to the 2019-05-03 release of the FMAC driver and I noticed today that this release is no longer available in the community site and that 2019-10-31 is now available. ...
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  • How to use CYW43455 SDIO interface in iMX7 Linux

    Hi Experts, We have purchased couple of CYW43455  modules and mounted on iMX7d 1GB board. I use Linux given by Toradex. By default SDIO is not enabled and I don't see the WiFi up.   Could you please help ...
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  • LM832 CYW43438 driver error

    I am trying to attach LM832 to my raspberry pi compute module. However i am not able to attach or find it. I think it will not require external drivers.   I am able to detect mmc1 as module. But on driver load I...
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  • wl mfgtest tool: update arm 32/64 bit binaries

    Dear Community,   I have several questions.  First, thank you for maintaining a helpful and knowledgeable community.    Is this most up to date manual of the wl mfgtest utlility: CYW43XX Technic...
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  • 43340漫游讨论

    dear 以43340为例,讨论WiFi漫游监测机制 1.我们使用漫游需要配置三个参数: wwd_wifi_set_roam_scan_period wwd_wifi_set_roam_delta wwd_wifi_set_roam_trigger 在特定的band上设置好三个参数就可以开启漫游功能 2.我想了解的是: 漫游过程中检测是主动检测还是被动侦听? 芯片获取ap信号强度的依据包是beacon还是kee...
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  • How to Use wl in WLTEST Mode

    I have a microcomputer running an embedded version of Linux 4.1.15-2.0.1. How do I use the wl utility in WLTEST mode?   Here's where I'm at right now:   root@XXXXXXXX:~# wl ver 1.107 RC5.0 wl0: Dec 29 20...
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  • 43362 as softap spectrum transmission signal

    hi,we are use 43362 as softap,Test transmitting signal,This is shown below: In nvram, maxp2ga0=74,softap channel is 1(2412MHz) 2.After observation for a period of time, abnormal waveform was found to be generated,...
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  • How to configure raspberry pi 3b+ as a repeater in OpenWrt

    Hi,   I want to make a wireless-repeater with a RPI3B+.   i could configure the RPI in client mode ( so the RPI connects to an AP), and also i succeeded to configure it as an AP bridged to the eth0. But w...
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  • kernel warning when running iperf3 UDP test on CYBT-483039-EVAL

    Hi all,   Evaluating the CYBT-483039-02 module for use in a new design, I have the CYBT-483039-EVAL board plugged into a TI Beagleboard X-15 (running a minimally customized Yocto Warrior OS to add necessary Blue...
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  • cyw43438 concurrent station and AP mode

    Hi, I'm trying to setup a cyw43438 chip to run in station and AP mode simultaneously using wpa_supplicant and hostapd.   I can successfully start an AP (ssid: MyAP) on channel 11 and ping clients which are conn...
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  • FMAC driver v4.14.77-2019_0503 and wpa_supplicant/hostapd patches

    Hello, I am evaluating the FMAC driver v4.14.77-2019_0503, as posted here: Cypress Linux WiFi Driver Release (FMAC) [2019-10-31] Some of these patches do not apply to hostapd_2_7.  Is there a version of the ho...
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  • Device provisioning  protocol (DPP) support

    Is there any driver patch or version available  for cypress  wifi Fmac driver to enable DPP support?
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  • Advance notification on WLAN IC / FMAC driver hangup?

    Hi,   A question on a supported feature. Could FMAC driver notify the host system when something is about to go wrong with WLAN IC or FMAC driver so that the host system can take the countermeasures?   Be...
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  • WiFI SAR TEST: wl nrate -m 7 -s 0. Return: 'Not in Range'

    Hello.   I am using WL tool for preparing WiFi Software Test for SAR. Device is CYW43340 / BCM43340.   We have wl tool compatible with our device and Firmware Test obtained from Cypress: $ wl ver  ...
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  • CYW43455 Blue tooth HCI command for Modulated RX

    Hi Cypress   We use CYW43455 for Linux OS . I sent the BT modulated HCI command as below , but It don't have any respond after send 1DH5 waveform by IQxel ( Whether need a reading counter command . ) , Can you t...
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  • CYW4343W: No answer after toggling WL_REG_ON on SDIO

    Hello,   we have a custom TI OMAP3 based Linux 4.9.x setup. We a running in a problem where the CYW4343W dosn't answer over SDIO after setting WL_REG_ON to low and again high. The only way to re-enable the CYW43...
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  • cyw43455 module, linux, cannot connect to certain router

    We are using ap6255 (cyw43455) in our product, which is a NAS device. We call it a pocket drive.   The device is based on Rockchip RK3328 arm soc, with ap6255 as the wifi module, running latest Debian on mainlin...
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  • Redistribute Cypress brcmfmac firmwares

    Hello all,   I would like to know if it's legally possible to create a repository like the following one: GitHub - Noltari/cypress-firmware (Possibly moved to github.com/openwrt)   The idea is to use tho...
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  • linux driver for bcm43438 chip

    Recently,i just deal with a project with bcm43438 chip and i want to use it in linux kernel 3.18+,i cant find the suitable driver for the chip, does someone have idea about it?@hihyc_1175151@ScKe_1713761
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