Attached to this post is bcmdhd 141.88 driver.


iMX is our reference platform and below are the instructions to get started with it. The same driver is also part of the iMX kernel and it is available here.


Once you get the source from 141.88 driver, you can diff that source to the one from iMX kernel to see the minor changes that were made to support iMX.


Quick Start with iMX Mass Market Modules


The iMX images from NXP come with a already built driver. This doc here shows how to get the image and use the driver without having to compile the kernel or drive source.


Build and Install Yocto toolchain for iMX6


To build the kernel you need a toolchain. This show how to get yocto for iMX and build the toolchain.


Build kernel for iMX6.


This document here shows how to get the iMX kernel and compile it. For using the 141.88 driver with the latest kernel release the branch is  imx_4.1.15_1.0.0_ga


Murata Documentation


Murata has good documentation on its modules. It would be useful to get this documentation if you are using Murata modules.   To get these documents you need to be registered. When you purchase the Murata modules (from Mouser) it comes with an activation code and this activation code enables access to these docs.


Below are the titles of some of the docs:

Murata Wi-Fi BT EVK for i.MX6 Quick Start Guide (Linux) 3.0

Murata Wi-Fi BT EVK for i.MX6 Linux User Manual 3.0

Murata Wi-Fi BT EVK for i.MX6 Hardware User Manual 1.0


The Murata WiFi Quick start is also here.